from A to Z in 950 years, part 1

painting an A-Z with gouache, scanning piece by piece, cleaning up in PS,
bringing everything together in one doc, in progress
it's time to show you a corner of my poster to be, the one i'm developing for our town's 950 years charter. they pride themselves upon this piece of history around here. it tickled my fancy in a graphic way. 

trying out different effects, showing new doodles each week via IG
mingling my love for ABC's, my town doodles and progress on learning digital illustration, i decided to try and develop a full size poster i'm aiming to present on a downtown xmas stall in december. it's a challenge. 

mum's bunch of peonies, lasted all last week
i discovered there's a lot more to take in account than i first imagined. once i get everything designed and sorted, who'll print this baby at a reasonable price, prefering ECO paper and low transport charges... 

totally ungeek sneak preview into the september exhibition
i should like to finish this project's design halfway october at the latest, to allow myself production and revision time. it's exciting, and super scary. here's another slight peek into the september exhibition preps {and traps}. 

happy weekend, everyone! enjoy the week ahead. ♥


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