if it doesn't stick, we've trouble

the last batch of saved book backs, strips of vintage stuff to be glued down
i didn't have much time to create this week. i've tried to get some time back this morning and enjoyed a podcast while cutting and pasting away.

this week's hometown's A-Z preps and progress, in between work duties
i've finally brought to the next stage a collage layout that was gathering dust on the studio table. glad it's over, i've now run out of more sentences to bring together in a collage. 

almost done and yes, drying now
both designs, the one on the left was finished a year ago, the one on the right is drying, will be turned into 'literary' postcards or greeting cards, i've yet to decide. 

M for mattetaart, although this will not appear in my A-Z; it's a seperate project
to top up my morning, i brought to 'paper existence' the local sweet pie called mattetaart, or tarte matton. made from buttermilk and sugar, it's a delicacy when baked well. so i tried to cut it well too. 

done and scanned, yet to finished as a greetings card, more on this and all others in due time
today i'm cycling to mum's and tomorrow i've got an academy shift on my agenda, which'll enable me to shoot a few images to come up with soon. Happy weekend everyone! ♥

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