from A to Z in 950 years, part 2

we're at J. J for "jeugdherberg", or youth hostel
i'm beavering away at the A-Z, and i find this makes me happy in small ways. it's a tangible project and it's changing week by week, which is surprising, but perhaps not even so surprising. 

the red ball in middelheim, antwerp

isn't it often so, that as soon as you start on something, all sorts of ideas pop up? you think you're sorting things, head and hands down, and as you progress, you find you tweak, and add, and subtract. 

for sure
that's the true colour of creativity, innit; the muse perhaps. it's here one's own proper style shines through. no matter how hard i toss and turn, i end up gravitating towards my own...  

i think it's called my way ☻. i started out this particular project, convinced i was going to draw houses only, because it's what i love drawing most. but while sticking to an abc, and considering a town's borders...

sp draw the curtains already... 

... i've had to right step out. who knows where my A-Z leads to. stay tuned, you will find out with me. ☺ since the weekend's as good as gone, i must simply ask you to enjoy the week to be. ♥


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