accidental {purple} heart
intentions are a loose matter. as i plan to stick to a schedule, i trip. is it my ego, my restlessness, my wants playing up? i know this is how it is, and that's all good. and then,  the little things move me. 

forget-me-not, for our late cat neko
preparing my september exhibition proofs to be quite the challenge. i've moved away from my initial ideas. i am pretty certain i'll stick to drawing, erm, house façades. (do check out my IG, for i'm warming up, right now). 
i sat staring at these blossoms earlier today
i smile as i write this, for who's reading my woes anyway? my blogspot has really become a personal {public} diary only. oh, how social media are on the go. i might have to rethink the concept a little.  

and these sit in brussels central station, at the mo'
industry makes happy though. and so i work. and i work a little harder. and i stick to a new scheme, like so many of you do. because sticking to the scheme is one way to get things done. 

ostend 'the crystal ship' street art festival
so here's my update for this week. i'm adding a few more street art images from Ostend. Oh what a fine day that was, walking in the sea breeze, feeling the sun warming our skin. laughing, sitting down, perusing. 

ostend, railway station inside roof
most of all, reveling at what these exciting street artists accomplish, on a scale i can but admire. i mean, i feel an artisan at the best of times, but i'm no artist of that calibre. so. not. and that's fine. ☺

ostend 'the crystal ship' street art festival
in the end, what is art, what does it stand for? | is it necessary; do we get better by it; and is it the gist of life; and do we need it; and is it confrontational? || yes. and yes. and yes, yes. oh, and please yes! in that order. 

have a glorious weekend and a beautiful week ahead. ♥


  1. Yes!!!!! And I’m going to redesign my blog. It no longer suits me.

  2. Nadine--it's good to read your blog after two years of not blogging or reading. It sounds like things are going well and that is good. :)