seafront, bawden and marx

ramsgate, walking down to the seafront
i was traveling last week. i sailed ☻ into thanet and spent a few days and nights in Deal, visiting Canterbury, Ramsgate and Broadstairs. old loves, new winds. the weather gods were loving me affably.
deal, first and only house front i drew
the tiny hotel i was staying in had been so kind to offer this single woman travelling a back broom cupboard, complete with awful springy bed and a mirror hung up so high i had to practically jump up to have a look in. 
deal, edwardian area
i had no immediate sea view, except for when i took breakfasts in the mornings. then i set on my way walking up and down the coast line and into the edwardian part of town, lusting over its architectural affluence. 
joss bay, between ramsgate and broadstairs

walking my poor feet into blisters, and my old clothes into holes (right) i shopped like a true shopaholic, unfolding my emergency traveller's bag on my way back home through pasture and channel tunnel. 
london, V&A childhood bethnal green, rachel whiteread, place (village)

that was after i stopped in whitechapel for a few more nights, to try and catch the capital's vibes, which wasn't easy. i kept thinking i should have planned my journey the other way round : first haste, then sea breeze. 
V&A, hall

i made my way into dulwich for a street lunch, after i very much enjoyed the eric bawden show that was ending. i was so impressed by the artist's oeuvre and peace of mind all through his creative years. 
king's cross, housing development area in redundant gas holders. creative (only for the rich....)

yesterday i walked around the kings cross area to find the house of illustration and an exhibition by enid marx. it struck me both bawden and marx had the opportunity to create for bigguns in their times. 
hampstead heath, kenwood house staircase

bawden landed repetitive commissions for a.o. fortnum and mason and kew gardens (not even mentioning the tube posters) and marx designed those wonderfully vibrant fabric tube seat covers, to name but one. 
cromwell road, taxi stand

it made me think about the importance of finding the right crowd in the right time in history, offering the right design, all while sticking to proper beliefs and ethics, and keeping on creating, no matter what. 
fotzrovia mosaic

it gave me a good and confident feeling to find proof of the continuity of their timeless design, which is a thing i highly believe in myself. besides all that, i gawped admiringly at their work.  
having a tea break in sandwich, the best icecream ever, hence gone ☺

i do am getting my skates on now in the last stretch into the two upcoming exhibition weekends. i'm gonna be on the go for just a bit longer, until my own peacable, yet creative pace returns.  
enjoy the weekend, and have a jolly good week ahead. ♥


  1. Eric Bawden, dear Nadine, I like very much: Roses and Rue.... wow! Didn't know him before. So thanks a lot!
    YOU shopped like a shopaholic? Can't believe it :-D
    Travelling... a wonderful way of gaining self-awareness, right?

    Ready for your exhibition?

    x Ariane. Rose

    1. Well... then you did travel in the order in which you were supposed to, it seems. Such heavy thinking. I have wondered how groups came together and just happened to be on the same wave-length at the perfect point in time to have a collective, creative...orgasm {of sorts} really, lol!!! BUt again, more inspiration to cross the pond.