spring, er, autumn is in the air

i am spring cleaning in autumn! man, it feels good. no obligations, just really planning and do. last summer i laid down the laminate on the second floor. this winter i will be decorating both top rooms. 

i am also rearranging {and therefore uncovering the power of} my pinterest boards. i want them to work for me on a regular basis, and they still come at computer screen level, as opposed to instagram. 

i want all social media i am tending to really work for me, rather than dangle about and being useless. and i see that i'm hardly socializing at all, but sharing mainly creative endeavour. 

my creative intentions are pushed on towards 2019. i am now really trying for peace and quiet, home building and drawing for pleasure. i'm open to slow commission, but it'll probably be just ordered by me only. 

past exhibition weekends were fun. i met a whole lot of enthusiast people, confirming heritage is a part of our lives, and it's never a bad idea to stress it some, because heritage bonds people. 

i fully understand now drawing house fronts is a subject that will stick. drawing while guessing the stories behind the façades,... the fix never fails to fill me with inner repose and gratitude. 

i'll be returning to my town's ABC poster before long. we've been playing in the september #JohnVernonLord tiny drawing challenge but i'm guessing i'll give inktober2018 a miss. never mind, hat full of tricks!  

are you having good times? enjoy your sunday and a new week to come ♥

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  1. Just today in the morning in the bathroom, where I am able to hear my thoughts,
    dear Nadine,
    well, I thought I don't really know to 'use' the social networks. You say they'd 'work' for you. Do we mean the same? I think so.
    And, on, I thought by myself, with this less people visiting my blog, I can start with 'dear diary' hahahahahah

    I did some painting last FRIday and it feels so good! and did it again yesterday.

    YOU are busy artist, Dear! I've enjoyed your drawings of houses and your tiny, tiny drawings for the JohnVernonLord challenge very much. And a hurray! for the oxfam thrift shops ;-)

    Decorating your beautiful two top rooms will be just fantastic. For me this Autumn is a kinda Spring, too. Making the Castle at the Eisenbach ready for the darker Winter time is a good chance to find a new order of things and thoughts.

    Ariane. Rose.