mixing, diving, admiring

i showed these a while ago, monumental heads strewn over museum square in brussels. i now know they belong to javier marin, contemporary mexican artist. we saw them again today, as we strolled uptown, after we researched a projectile of a different kind.

every morning of this week, walking into the office
orange blob
i saw a huge something nearby museum square. i only saw it from afar
willy&wanda, if you like
it made me think of THE GYRONEF, a much loved flying object in my childhood years of SUSKE & WISKE (or BOB & BOBETTE; in anglophile countries only very temporarily edited as WILLY & WANDA).

frontal view, brand new magritte museum just beyond
the object i am talking about though, seemed to have a huge pedestal for a foot. its orange colour, well, moved me.
'old england' art nouveau instruments museum, to your left
coming up closer, we were disappointed we couldn't get in (the children that we are, huh?). we were wondering. is it a submarine, a giant amoeba, a preliminary nigella mixing tool? we chuckled. does it tickle your fancy?


  1. Oh my thats an odd object indeed, I could think of many funny things about this!

  2. How funny! It does look a bit like a mixing tool. Or a drill. Or maybe a silly balloon!

  3. You're such a 'cultureta', you know many things about everything!

    Is it possible that that mandarin comes from Nules??
    big kisses

  4. It's like a gigantic Lego object! My son would love it. It certainly would turn my head too. Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers~

  5. I know the place... but not the extraordinary "thing"! Thanks for sharing!