frabjous & fudderwupping, assoc.*

when hung over (not me)

two wander, for free

no fuss for fluff nor pleat.

all that we need

are four feet,

to keep upright

and contemplate

the full swing

of spring.

* good heavens! 
it's alice!


  1. You and Odd and Old have such a way with words I love it and HATE my computer deleted all history and cookies and ran a full scan and it aborts my every moveI don't hate many things but boy I hate my computer and my computer guru I served to many beers to that night, well Phil did they had fun!!

  2. Ah, those trees. i want to walk in all that green. im craving it.
    thank you for your nice comment. i should say "comments", they are always so kind.
    did you like this version of alice? i loved it. I know many people were critical, but i thought it was incredible. It's fun to see it through different eyes.
    looking forward to following your map!

  3. You made my day Woolf!
    have a nice week,

  4. thanks for taking me along! i've enjoyed my walk with you!

  5. I'd like to walk there... and I have photos of that same plant in the last photo, I think!

  6. deep breath !!!
    love all that green ! what is that like shelter ?

  7. looks like you had a beautiful, playful and yet calm day. that's poetry: your words, your photos, the feeling of both. frankly, made me smile on this drab day here.

  8. Wow, just, wow!
    I love how the sun shines right trough the pictures!

  9. wonderful! LOVE this post!
    those trees are really amazing, did you hug them?