CSI & ICU (and also TLC)

okay. the colour blue is crucial, today. blue for the sky, blue for the toe nail which is slowly unhooking itself from the toe itself. curious process, i will tell no more. i will most certainly show ought.

being a little early on an appointment leaves room to wander. and look up. at a seventies building that looks a little beehivey today.

or a central square that looks abandoned, but for the previous night's festivities. 

arriving at the dominican, waiting on t&d looking again at this exquisite curtain detail i photographed a month earlier, totally unawares of the fact i'd be meeting the sweetest people in this very spot today. 

a whipped cream star for tzivia and joanne to muse upon.

☻ the second part of the day consisting of an unexpected train stop, a bus ride through walloon countryside, leading me onto 

a crime investigation scene!

i almost trod on her. no one there to pluck her up either. and i dared photograph porcelain lost....

barbie witnesses galore, bursting from a metal container. side tracked.

the colour blue emersing. i did tell you.

deer! oh dear.... (and it's a new found one too, rather unobtrusive, a little worn, perhaps, but), ...

telling me the temperature is rising.... again! this summer, i'm telling you! 


  1. Oh my! You and Tzivi met.
    I am seeing into the day of your rendez-vous, this is exciting!
    I wish I got to meet you too.
    A delayed thank you for the relayed hug,
    and a thank you today for this star, to muse on.
    Today btw a great day to muse on stars, it is the star festival in Japan called Tanabata. Always I wander when here...lovely wandering with you, and your exquisite views...♡♡☆☆

  2. the title has me lost, a bit like the lost objects in your photos! you met tzivi?!

  3. Oh, the dolls... They do need TLC!

    I really would love a picture of your blue nail coming off. (Yes, I am dark like that...)

  4. i want to hang out with you too!!! seriously!... we could talk toe nails. ;)

  5. Poor toe Woolfy x

    I love that seventies building with a capital L!

  6. i'm grateful you will not show a pic of your toe nail coming off :)

  7. Well, Kers, my big toe must have sympathy pains for yours. More details later! ha

  8. my toenails are lavender-blue, but that's on purpose. i do hope yours got the TLC it needed! (love the bee-hive building and the whipped cream star)

  9. wow, what a wonderful trip for my eyes trough all this great photos.
    and funny, i have a leaving toe nail too!! good luck with yours:))
    dont worry about foot nails, you have very beautiful hands!
    ♥♥♥ julia

  10. I love those unexpected pockets of time such as being early for an appointment. It seems you used your time well.

  11. I am so happy to discover your blog. I truly enjoyed this post! I like you and your point of view :>

  12. I am finally returning to the blogosphere after returning from the Eurosphere! And what a treat and delight to find your post and the curtain from the Dominican and a Star(fish?) to ponder. (Starfish is one of my alter-egos and of course Tzivia means deer, so I felt so at home in your entire post. (I wish you'd told me about the toenail when we met, I'd have given you a little Reiki for it :)