vintage finds | monkey puzzle

moss green soup cup, lentil broth inside
kitchen vintage finds score high on the thrift shopper's must-have-list, don't they?

wooden pepper and salt shakers
i'll admit kitchen gear does tickle my fancy very much, though i thrift shop quite at random as well.

fancy cauliflower plaquette, just a few inches big
which often sends me off home, obscured by most amazing paraphernalia.

wooden mortar, no pestle yet
this week however i do want to limit myself to a culinary show.

tall tupperware liquid jug
it'll definitely help shifting a few images-in-wait to a more permanent place called vintage archives.

woodturned pepper grinder
monkey included. ahem. more show on sophie's flea market finds.


  1. They call it "kitchenalia" - sounds like a disease but very def a vintagy fave among the peeps who 'get' the utter gloriousness of finding a well shaped salt and pepper shaker in the local oppie - lovely things and very neat pics as well!

  2. I love kitchen vintage finds too, well done!

  3. Salt and pepper shaker balls are so cool!

  4. Love your soup mug and the little cauliflower! Your giving me good ideas for my dinner tomorrow night too.

  5. Thrift shopping is so much fun! We always go to the thrift store first if we need anything (varying from furniture to clothes to anything in between).

    The monkey is cute!

  6. As always, love your photos!
    Besides the very anti-stress effect, thrift shopping is like treasure hunting. Beforehand you don't know what or where from, nor the age or material, but there is always something that says Buy Me, Take Me Home, i'm going to brighten up your interior or life. xx

  7. hahaha, your new header is really animalic great, dear Nadine.
    The woodturned pepper grinder is the most prettiest pepper grinder I've ever seen!
    xo Ariane.

  8. Mmmm, i love lentil soup. the thicker, the better - but sadly, it does not love me back, anymore :(

    also love those wooden salt and pepper shakers! i have some ceramic shakers, from poland, shaped like eggs. i love the way they feel in my hand, as well as the blue and yellow color (which is my favorite for a kitchen, despite the fact that my kitchen is [sigh] rather pink.)

    i did a photo post on them once-upon-a-time, here, if you want to see them.

    great finds, you master thrifter, you!

  9. rats. the link to my post didn't post, despite blogger's assurance, in the preview window, that it would. here's another try at it:

    good eggs

  10. sigh... forget it. links not working, and not worth it! i'm off to read a book!

  11. Cool stuff. Those wooden s&p shaker and the pepper grinder are great. Better keep an eye on that monkey, though. :)

  12. those wooden finds are just so cool :)

  13. love your finds!! specially the mortar, the pepper grinder and of course the cute monkey!

    you make me think about I need to have a trip to the bazar...soon... maybe next sunday?

  14. lovely home ware finds. The salt and pepper shakers are my favorites


  15. oo... I love the wee wooden wares! I should try saying that ten times fast... haha.