a way with roots

once upon a time there was an image i really liked on rachel's hi happy panda, a photo taken by rachel herself. i saw the potential of it, which was, between you and me, pretty obvious. admittedly, the image stayed on in my mind a little, as pretty images do. so then, dear reader, can you even begin to imagine what happens when unexpectingly you open up an envelope from the americas, with exactly that image in it, cautiously pressed between the hard covers of a vintage almanac? 

is it pure magic, or what? besides the stupefaction, a tiny tear sprang from mine eye. just to say, THANK YOU, sweet californian-soon-to-be-bostonian lady of the americas... now to hunt for a perfect frame. 


  1. all those gifts
    flying from one to the other
    it is a special
    precious circle of woman
    and I love it


  2. Oh Nadine, you are so welcome! I'm a little amazed it got there so fast.
    What a lovely post. I agree with Patrice's sentiment...we do have a precious circle of women. And for that I am thankful.

  3. How lovely ... what a delight to receive such beauty through the mail.

  4. It's pure magic, true! I call it "résonance" in French. Echo, resonance... A kind of meeting between two spirits thinking about same things.

  5. oh, yes, definitely magic. and you deserve every bit :)

  6. it's a gorgeous photo. I'm sure you'll find just the perfect frame for it. Happy July, Nadine!

  7. wonderful photo - your are right. :) Have a good weekend, and good luck trying to find the frame.

  8. Dearest curious Nadine,
    yes it is, magic.
    Even this circle of women...
    And its a great picture, dear Rachel!

    What about our drawing challenge? Elisabeth is on vacation since august. I'll go next week to danmark for holiday (one week) - but if somebody would throw a theme I'll try to catch it!

    Love to you.

  9. Your right pure magic....My house is all torn up and I was thinking of you!
    How your construction coming along!

  10. hello over there...
    love this photo very much myself! What a beautiful surprise amd i must say thanks for visiting me and my pet cloud with your lovely words Nadine...