drawing | balance

keeping balance when unstable underfoot, makes me think of the bridge. it could be indiana jones' bridge, falling apart in places, offering more chasm than any soul can bear. it hasn't grown into a recurring nightmare, this vision, either, but it's a close call, and whenever indiana & co near a said bridge, i hold my breath and wait the moment out. i wonder if it has anything to do with the fact my dad, when in a car and crossing a bridge as a child, always playfully begged of me, to lift up both my feet? ☻
i'm sure you all thought of right and proper balance. i'm throwing in a scale weight, over at ariane's.


  1. Dear Nadine,
    with the same (silly) joke my father made my sister and me jump!
    I really love that colour play of your drawing. Have you ever crossed that kind of bridge? I don't (in reality). Must be like an adventure - as life is.

    xo Ariane.

    P.S.: And you as you imagined is Julia on the left in the picture and I'm on the right (sight of beholder).

  2. Yes, yes, i recognize that, and under a bridge we were asked to keep our heads as low as possible.
    Very tricky bridge my dear but i love the soft coulours, beautiful ! xx

  3. that is beautiful Nadine. ah, yes a bridge. not always stable...

  4. i always hated swinging bridges as a child... could never bring myself to cross them. you did a GREAT job drawing this one...

  5. I still have to steal my nerves before I cross a swing bridge because when I was little my Dad thought it was funny to jump up and down on them to make them sway and bounce even more. I loved my Dad but I hated him doing that.

    Life is one big balancing act...x

  6. I collect scrbble letters perferably wooden ones have started adding them to my jar Yes another jar of bits Cant wait to see what you do with yours

  7. Thank you for visiting me & your lovely comments. We have an honesty teapot for our little stall...a table at the front gate. It works well as you can generally hear the money being dropped in to the pot. (very little is taken) It is a pity that I could not send you some fruit, you & that sweet little bear. Have a sweet & well balanced week ; ) Much love Catherine x

  8. Nadine!!
    what a great drawing
    and as always I just love your soft colors
    the tiny bits of green on the left
    a bridge like that let you feel what balance is about
    I walked one ones, and did not like it that much

  9. I like your drawing, and the way you use the center line, 3-D, it really feels tenuous and at the same time balanced.
    And same for your words, they totter on the edges and at the same time have balance and center. Keep おん holding on!! (you've said you appreciate typos,so I left the japanese I had typed when the keyboard switched to japanese , it says "on", for keep on holding on:)♡
    Happy Sunday to you.

  10. Love the drawing. I can so relate to feeling of trying to keep balance while feeling unstable. Life seems that way so much of the time lately.

  11. dear nadine, one of the first things i saw this morning was the photograph of the cat (your cat?), that made my day.
    can't stop laughing about her little mouth...
    i never like to walk over bridges, even without a father making that kind of jokes... ♥♥♥ julia

  12. beautifully balanced colours as always dear nadine! and i just love the falling letters on the right!!! i can really imagine falling off your brigde :)

  13. We used to lift up our feet when crossing the border (by car)!:)

  14. A wonderful drawing. I really like your description of an 'indiana jones' bridge ... that is a visual that is instantly recognisable.

    Those swinging style of bridges always make me catch my breath a little ... they are part terrifying, part exhilarating, and part functional.

    Onwards to a wonderful week ahead my dear.

  15. Dear Nadine,
    Love your work. The idea of balance as a shaky bridge (especially when Indiana Jones is in the background, made it even stronger.
    Funny, at first glimpse I thought you use thread in your work....

  16. I love the drawing of your fear. xo

  17. just keep looking straight ahead and HOP!

    loved the cat and teddy finds. (well too cute!) but the sign you couldn't bring home was cool too!

  18. Balance,
    concepts which are very difficult to find...

    Nice drawing ;) and words