drawing | body

this is the body that i trust. it came to me on a hot june day. i was graduating from library school and we'd been sipping champagne. on a hot day, go figure. i made it to the city centre of ghent, to the multimedia shop that delivered no less than two cameras, one for my partner in crime...

this is him, e.!
don't you find too he's a too non chalant photographer?
the winning photo of that year, for some reason disappeared, i'll have to poke e. it was e. who made it, it was i who pointed out the coffeehouse in which he shot his shot. i guess a well and truely coop, oh, and the best coffee. 

... one camera for me
how come? we'd just tumbled out of a contest trumps up and both won us an extra light weight, ultra performing olympus. mountains never came so easy...  by circumstance, that e-410 has grown into my most trusted friend. therefore a proper ode to photography and its abilities. when you have a good camera [buddie], and a spying eye, friendship runs all the way to china. multidimensional julia is hosting a few more bodies! go spy, with your little eye....


  1. emily's fave camera is an olympus dslr that her uncle passed down to her... and i have an old "film" olympus that i WISH i could get repaired - it took fabulous photos.

    p.s. i have a photo that em took of herself looking through a magnifying glass, just like you :)

  2. He looks like he's fun...and I love the last image with great coffee what more could a creative gal need!

  3. grand post!
    really great
    the images
    your story
    and the drawing
    in your colors I love so much
    thank you!

  4. Oh, its fantastic!
    Dear Nadine,
    I've laughed when I see your 'body'...! Yes, its very important to have a good body. So the light come trough a reflecting tunnel of mirrors to give birth to great pics... as we can see.
    Your E. is a very nonchalant photographer!
    And your green eye reminds me on Man Ray...

    xo Ariane.

  5. cherish that body, it brought and brings you so much pleasure and beauty (and to us too) X

  6. I like the photo of he being non-chalant,
    and of your eye and lens,
    very chalant!

    and xo ♡
    ( one for chalant, and one for non-chalant, what can I say, you keep me silly:))

  7. I love your drawing, is absolutely beautiful!

    And beautiful post-the body that you trust is a camera. That is very interesting...
    He looks like a pro photographer...:-)

  8. I spy with my little eye a fantastic post full of curiosity and thirst for seeing the world.
    thank you for sharing your eye, your camera, you!

  9. what a cool body idea! and a very beautiful eye... and i love it that we are the same age ♥♥♥ julia