greetings from tunis

they talk back to me from the album pages. they jump right out of their fancy cellophane corners and whisper, amongst other undecipherable comments, السلام (salām). i notice the woman's blond hair. did she have a hard time? were the men she met at her holiday destination galant or oppressive? did she stay inside, in the end, or did she find herself condemned to wearing a tight head scarf, at all times? did she at least feel a little like audrey hepburn? in the scarf, i mean.

no. i don't know the family. little did the family realize they would end up in my home scanner this week. that's the trouble with images losing their home and ending up in thrift shops. they become public property. i bought six images today. because the girl in the right bottom image reminds me of shy me. at that age. 
☻ and so. to the family. greetings from tunis.


  1. Well the benefit of being a dreamer is seeing tales and stories in the most unexpected places and reading the everyday things like a story book.
    You are defenitely a dreamer, an active dreamer, active dreamers have an artists' soul. X

  2. i think they would like being in your home, and having someone dream about their stories...

  3. i enlarged these to look up close and study, to imagine these moments, these people, feel that sun. i love it.

  4. Oh how cute is she and Momma was a bombshell wasn't she!

  5. Well, dear Nadine,
    I think she felt more like Jane Mansfield...

    Its crazy to see strange people on holidays. In Tunis bikinied! sitting on top of a camel!

    Look at those colours, I like them very much.
    And, who took the photos? the focus is more up in the sky.

    Very interesting!

    xo Ariane.

  6. I love this post....
    Long time ago I found lost album in the street, and inside were pictures of complete life- birthdays, vacations, new babies...
    I feel it was given to me to cherish.
    I made an animation movie and some drawing. Funny we share the same experience. Still make me sad to look at all those lost pictures...

  7. great post ... and wow, it is strange to think about lost photo albums and where they could end up :)

  8. i wrote a great long comment, and i just lost it. hope it's at your end ...

  9. nope, i don't think it is - i wrote something about lacking your kind of imagination when I see photos of total strangers, but having a reverence of photos in general.