o'georgia, o'rachel!

at the end of a dreary but comfortingly wet day at the office, i stumble home upon the world. it lies on the concrete floor and looks a little chilled. i press the parcel to my chest, before i carefully pry it open. out pop guardedly wrapped layers of bits and bobs to start me off, dreaming. here i find : rachel and kids, 

all images by rachel fannin

the postcards giveaway, by rachel, showing her dab hand at and good eye for what goes on here and there (many thanks, once again!), 

a reminder of what it is that matters... and last but not least a (cookery) book on, or more precisely by georgia o'keeffe. what can i say? it kicks open an unexpected door on food filosophy, at a time in my life i am questioning my relationship with food, receiving an acclaimed artists' reflection in the bargain. 

overwhelmed. ♥


  1. I was just thinking today about you and wondering if the package had arrived! Yes! This post has lifted my spirits. I'm glad it found it's way to you safely. I've been checking in, just quietly. I need to wake up a bit!

  2. well.. perhaps i too need to find this cookery book and reignite my luster for fine foods.happy new years nadine! .xx

  3. Post from a far country is always something special. :)

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Wonderful to open an envelope and have such a warm colorful world spill out!
    Happy New Year to you Nadine,
    love your bright new touches and layout, and that great wolf.


  5. me too!
    my fine packet of Rachel arrived!!

    happy weekend

  6. I'm puzzled, I didn't see any reference to her cookery book in wikipedia, what's it called? - I'm always game to question my relationship with food!

  7. oh, how FUN! I'm popping over there to visit her...