corner view ≈ ring out the old

i thought i heard the song last december, as it probably gets air play at least once a year. i never realised either, this prooved to be a song with sparse lyrics. ☻ which isn't true at all for alfred, lord tennyson's original words, starting a tradition from the 1850's. year after year and on the occasion of the turn of a new year, by different people around the world, the poem gets recited. {george harrison only turned it a little trivial, and popular.}

enough said. the winter turn and the new year. it has started and it feels wonderful already! does it for you too? the very new in this here, our new, old house, is the addition of a tiny shop, in case you didn't know that already. to justify my marketing babble, there lies a comfort in ackowledging the fact : there's a            · giveaway ·  running. 

ring out the old, ring in the new! ♥

renee chose this week's challenging theme, on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca


  1. I must be the only person not to have ever heard of that poem!

  2. gaggle of geese!
    whatever happened to your blog name? cha, cha, cha, chaaaaanges :)
    I went for music rather than poetry. always a bit out of kilter, this ninj ;)

  3. The ducks / geese (I know, unfortunately, not every time - has something to do with the length and short necks:)) are cute. Where to go?
    Is that really your house? It is very pretty.

  4. A wonderful poem. Love the first image. xo

  5. i love that poem. i don't think i've ever read it before...

    i also love the needlepoint and those little geese (but we've already had that discussion of tiny animals and their nostalgic call to happy childhood games)

  6. "Ring Out, Wild Bells" I do love. Yes, it feels good to ring out the old, and gladly open my arms to all that is sparkling new, and full of delightful promise. Only good things for now, twenty-twelve!

  7. I have not heard that poem either :)
    love your images.

  8. I like this part the most:
    Ring out old shapes of foul disease,
    Ring out the narrowing lust of gold;
    Ring out the thousand wars of old,
    Ring in the thousand years of peace.

    and I love the geese!

  9. Wow!! What a super magical post..full of beauty and poetry and whimsical feeling!

  10. Yes, despite it all, there is willingness to embrace. I sense that too.


  11. I love the way you portray the theme, it's sparkling new and at the same time nostalgic too.
    Happy days to you!
    Ninja did a song, I did a dance:))

  12. Love the needlepoint! I would like a house like that - with a BIG fireplace.