drawing | health

mother has repetitive breakfasts, lunches, dinners and suppers year round. she makes jams, grows a tiny patch of vegetables, tends four chickens in the yard for eggs. she drinks coffee, no tea. every evening she munges on a few pieces of fruit. she doesn't drink much, she doesn't smoke. on saturdays and sundays she allows herself sweet treats. that's how mother kept up with her health, for eighty eigth years now. ask her, and she'll give you a different story. but i know: mother knows about health.

ariane came up with quite a fickle theme. i could never have guessed it'd lead me up the parental path... ☻


  1. i know some hipsters on the eastside of L.A. who would like to live your Mum's healthy life!

  2. very touching mum and health - everybody should have a mother for healing... as a mother I feel it often very strong how just a little word a kiss is helpful for the children.
    your mun is impressing, but you know mine is like that, too, sometimes I "hate" her "always be right never to much" - and I admire her at the same time.
    x Stefanie
    (end of july would be best for me)

  3. love your story and your painting. great homage to your mother!
    ♥ mano (ha, my new pc can paint hearts...!)

  4. I so much want to become your mom!
    love the illustration Nadine :)

    ps. I received your packet! it made me so happy! did you receive my mail?

  5. Hi Nadine, I shouldn't wonder that you also came up with the the red cross symbol, I like your illustration a LOT and your mother has obviously the key to health...

  6. my favorite symbol!
    and two kisses ;^))

    such a sweet loving story
    and a fine drawing
    i hope i will be 88 someday
    enjoying some sweets in the weekend ;^))

    to good health!
    on tuesday i will announce a new theme

    Patrice A.

  7. Dear Nadeschda,
    this touches me. You with the sight of a child... your mother eighty eight years. And since one is a mother, too, one can cherish what mothers did and do, right?
    Love your extra light red cross with two kisses, peacock feathers and spider nets! 'manna earth'! 'Bread from heaven' to earth... Fantastic! that is true healing!

    Thanks a lot!
    xo Ariane.

  8. I once saw a book of photos of people who'd lived in health to their 90s, and little quotes of how they explained their longevity - which was a collection of contradictions (some mentioned "one piece of chocolate a day", some said "never had chocolate" etc).
    Sounds like your mother knows what's good for her health, which is the best kind of medical knowledge!
    PS won't be able to join in this month, while painting the house frantically, before autumn weather kicks in!

  9. Following your own rhythm- paying attention to your own body/mind etc needs what makes you feel good and healthy- a life long puzzle that I'm sure changes as we age....I heard this quote recently -"go with the flow, or be dragged"
    Feels appropriate.
    My Grandmother lived to 93- she always told me to keep moving :)
    Love your drawing- wonderful texture!

  10. That is a wonderful story and a lovely image, thank you! :) Leena

  11. i'm sure when we are lucky enough to reach that age in good health we all have our own (secret) recipies but yes mama knows what's best;) xx

    very fine drawing, also made me think of plasters on a wound,

  12. How lovely ... and I did very much enjoy the delightful pattering rhythm of your words. This suggests to me a case of 'mother knows best?'

    ... and accompanied by such a lovely image. Wonderful. xx

  13. hmmmmm
    sounds so simple and beautiful.
    would love to see photos from her life.