we must never be apart

on the contrary


  1. purely to look
    and to be
    with the pleasure
    of seeing
    what you see...

    thank you for sharing
    with all of me (all the `me`s)...

    yes rather

  2. You always have the eye for unique interesting images ......Heidi

  3. I agree with Heidi you're way to look and discover images where ever you are is amazing, for me you're some sort of Vivian Maier, for good luck not as unknown as she was.

  4. i love those photos my Nadine
    and the words too

    big hug xoxoxo

  5. "we must never be apart
    on the contrary"
    What magnificent words, Nadine!
    oh to be closer to speak, hug, and enjoy our far away friendship

  6. ah - what you see. and the words you have.

    thank you for your comment about the teenage years and their memorabilia. "they carry my pain" is what you said and it is exactly so. i have been torn between throwing the pain away, dismissing it as something that does not count, and between keeping it. i hear from people from both sides of pain, and the question i sometimes put to myself is - has anyone ever really succeeded in throwing the pain away?

    and about poetry - i think i have had a very tense relationship with writing for the last 20 years : ) that is the majority of my writing years. about a year ago, i know it was the 6th of november 2012 and there was snow at 1700 m altitude, i had a sort of a revelation while hiking - that i should write the way i hike, so easily and with all the joy the world and i have. well, i am still on the long long road to there. i really dislike snow and yet it is almost inevitable above 600m.