the relief to kill

i've been killing darlings all morning and i feel good. somewhere along the line i actually wrote a poem on killing darlings, but now i find myself right in the middle of it. the few people who in the past received a link to my poetry site, please refrain from reading on: no gibberish on your plate! i'm sifting through words and time backwards, and i'm revising every single poem. that means no poem will remain standing, all will be felled, or at least reconstructed. i've come to understand that it does take time and distance from your own work, to have {in this case} grammatical errors jump right at ya. i've been plain target! SUCH a relief to kill.  


  1. ok this is VERY cool
    thanks for sharing I love it curious I am
    x Stefanie

  2. Wow. As I'm playing with words by myself from time to time, I have to say it would be hard for me to do that in any other but my own language. Really hard. 'Cause it's hard enough for me to find the right sound, words and meaning in my mother tongue. So you're killing ME when I read this. Well, just in the figurative sense of course! ;o)

  3. funny, i did it yesterday as well and felt invigorated afterwards, the roll-up-my-sleeves way. i have found out it is not impossible, after all, to approach my own writing as i would someone else's.

    so, how is it to be a poet? i used to write poetry when i was very young and frankly, i don't know exactly why i write only in prose nowadays. maybe because i got so straightforward, but then again, poetry can be that way, too.

  4. hello darling. (couldn´t resist:):):)) i like the first draft:) still don´t have the link to your poetry. can you send it again? :)

  5. Oh there's nothing quite like the killing of darlings to freshen things up. I totally agree with you, time and distance from your work are necessary ingredients to see the things that need to be fixed. A wordy renovation is slowly revealed. xx

  6. This is really a amazing task you're working on and my english isn't good enough to honor your amazing work, but I guess its always good to have a look from the distance and see old creations with a new eye. I think its always interesting because some works you don't like anymore and with others you're astound that you've been able to do it.
    Go, Nadine, go!
    Your fan sits here.
    xo BB

  7. The little darlings will thank you in the end, dear Nadine!
    Are you joining in my Giveaway? I think you might find the walnut dyed cotton bag quite irresistible!

  8. well, don't be too brutal. i really liked a LOT of them.

  9. Killing darlings is indeed what it takes. But it does hurt when killing them over and over, so please be gentle as you proceed to the next level!