drawing | daily project {and a dedication}

my 2014 daily project is a drawing project. there's a river running through the town i live in, and i draw a sight in town every day. so far, i haven't drawn the river! and let me perhaps tell you some about previous and ongoing projects, most of them running behind the scenes.

* my 2012 ONE THOUGHT A DAY was great fun. it included thoughts, excerpts from books and/or films, quotes. brainy stuff, in other words.

* those daily thoughts evolved into ONE POEM A DAY (2013)which i quit well after a year. i may find the words come back to me.

* somewhere along 2013 i started writing down A WORD A DAY. i will do something with all of those 365 words. later.
* after the death of our beloved cat i dabbed at CATNEY, 3654 (2013). the random collection peetered away into its second month.

* another casualty : the 2014 DAILYPOSTCARDPROJECT. it needed so much fine-tuning and still didn't meet my expectations. i let it rest.

* at the moment, i have a FIVE A DAY OR MORE running, surprisingly enough acting like a meditation exercise. you know how negative the world can be, at times? this effective mindfulness exercise makes one recall {at least} five good things about one's day to write them down. it is growing into a concise diary, helping me to remember small events i otherwise forget. 

on the whole, i'm all for a daily project and using a blog platform 
as a background to those thoughts and intentions. returning to this discipline on a daily basis feels like a reward to creative industry. there's no specific need to share any of this with the world, which makes a change from 'ordinary' blogging. i'm not fussed about the meaning of these, neither do i count the hours spent doing them. my endeavours in the world of word and {photo}graphic image tick all of my personal preference boxes, spreading the love into my most favoured quilt : life. as is.

so, meet all of us chez stefanieall weekend long, leading us the way to more daily projects.

* this post also dedicated to phillip seymour hoffman. he could have made many more movies. i always saw him for the jack nicholson of the noughties, a terrific character actor. will be missed and RIP to you, 'best-man-in-da-house'. "slip'n'sli'e, dude". ☻


  1. I started a daily drawing sketch book - but found that by the end of January, it was becoming a chore (not something I want drawing to ever be) My Haiku a day is working really well so far - and I think it's because I need it. I am hoping that that never becomes a chore! Good luck on your daily drawing project :)

  2. You express it so well, dear N, and I´m impressed! !!! Thank you so much for let us catch an extract of your projects and thoughts, very very inspiring!
    A word a day - interesting.
    Have a fine weekend!
    x Stefanie

  3. I didn't know you had so many projects, you are also a master in daily projects, impressive! I think I really should get started…Thanks for showing these, it is very inspiring.
    And yes, mister Hoffman was one of my favorite actors, I'm shocked. So sad that we won't see more of his talent...

  4. I like your "Five a Day or More" Woolfy. It is something I should (shall try to) do.
    I would like to read your words from your word a day, but I see they're private (which of course is fine). I could easily write my own.
    How are you Woolfy? I am fine, but so consumed by our reno disasters (and other things...) that I haven't had the energy or been in the right frame of mind to write you a note. One day.
    Love to you, Kylie x

    p.s. I share your thoughts on P.S. Hoffman.

  5. thank you for giving an insight into your projects - so interesting!
    I love the idea to collect words. and five a day or more.
    :-) mano

  6. Stepping into a magical world ... that´s what I thought discovering your blog. I will take a walk later when I have more time for all these beautiful thoughts you are sharing with us, wonderful pictures and all this work of art that appeals so much to me. Thank you, thanks to Stefanie too ...

    and thank you for visiting my blog,


  7. I really admire you, I can not even think about having one daily project and you have a lot!!!!
    And several in the same year ? oh!
    incredible! :)

  8. sweet woolfy Nadine
    i will write down 4 a day or more every day from now
    i have done that before and it truely helps
    to fight this gloomyness of mine
    thank you for sharing
    i make a deep bow

    Patrice A.

  9. I have been keeping a Grateful Journal for two years and it helps immensely. It too ends up acting as a detailed memoir at times, The one I patterned it after sticks with a short phrase or sentence. I sometimes have a paragraph for one 'grateful'. You know me--the explain every picture person!;>)

    I agree about Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He was a rare talent. I cannot imagine what his partner and kids are feeling and thinking now. At least one of them didn't find him, but the poor friend who did! Heroin is a brutal mistress who demands loyalty at all costs. He just paid the ultimate price.

  10. Thank you for your nice words on my blog dear Nadine! It means a lot to me. Well I would not be too too great at a daily anything so I don't give thought to that direction. Boy do I ever admire those who can pull it off however. Barbara with her collages last year will stand as the Queen of daily projects in my mind. I love your 5 [good] words about your day project and really now that I actually think about that...I do have a daily ritual/habit/process but I do it for myself and don't give it thought other than feeling and an acknowledgement and a shout out to the universe. What I do is have a little conversation in my head. It goes like this: "Today is the day that I {fill in the blank}"; and I always thank the universe for being there even if I do nothing else. So, today might have been the day that I learned to paint a cat eye on rough watercolor paper, for example. Or apologized to someone for my behaviour for something or other, etc. Anyway, your post got me to thinking here...thanks for that, friend! Norma, xo
    p.s. Rest In Peace P.S.H.

  11. how dear WOolfie DO you find the time?

  12. Lovely Nadine, your dedication and skill always amaze!
    xo Carole

  13. fun to consider the daily things you have done and are doing
    life is precious and alive and things change
    we start and then we do something else

  14. I have a very hard time doing daily projects (well, save for blogging), but I can see how all of your daily projects, however short/long lived, have helped your art and creativity blossom.

  15. I am very inspired. Thank you. Five a day! Wonderful.

  16. wow Nadine - there is a lot going on in your world :) and I am especially inspired by your flexibility and flow of ideas with out being too rigid in how they manifest- that must be a daily project in and of itself :)
    Makes me feel like experimenting too!!

  17. Oh dear, what can I say? This is all fuckin awsome, love every project and this post contains more like 10 ordinary posts, so inspiring. I like the thought + poem project a lot, but wouldn't be able myself, but the word a day stuff is something I really like, I guess it gives a pretty good picture of each day afterwards. Maybe I'm playing a bit copy cat and try this one mayself too? I can't believe that you weren't convinced by the postcards, the one you showed is incredible! And I'm as you already know do you? A hugh fan of your drawing project this year. You're the daily project queen and I bend my head in admiration, Queen N.
    love and many hugs barbara bee

  18. actually, I like them all. and this blogpost alone, like barbara already said, makes this space anything but ordinary. I don't believe the most important part, is to get a perfect thing done, everyday. it is the act of doing. even, if nobody will ever see it. in you're case though, of course I want to see them. all of them!

  19. how inspiring Nadine ... i really miss my 365 photo project. Sorry we missed meeting in Bruxelles :(

  20. Yeh, I tend to the negative left to my own devices, so I love the idea of meditation on the good things of each day. Five or more - always gratitude is the key to a smile.

  21. Oh wow! I'm deeply impressed. You're such a productive person, what a great range of projects! Each inspiring and interesting. Love that a-word-a-day-thing. And poems...I also did a regular poem challenge once, remember? Unfortunately it ended when all of our three participants lost interest...it's strange, sometimes my mind seems to prefer playing with words, then suddenly changing to photos or drawings or papercuts...wondering when I will return to words again, it was fun and I still like it!

  22. just had a look at your daily project of the moment, i could live in kattestraat 4 februari and de kasteelstallenstallen are so beautifully drawn, gorgeous windows and doors, hogeweg 6 februari...i can see it right before me.

    your love for the written word, words, letters shines through in all your daily projects (even in the present one i like how you write the street names), and you have a point ofcourse, just a single word can stir the imagination endlessly, we see that again in every dc.
    it's so nice all the different lettertypes you used for your different project, you know how to present a good lay out sweetie!

    i could not bring myself to a 'daily project (and it wasn't just the lack of time) but your five a day, well i'm gonna give that a try, maybe like the stepping stone i need to get the taste of a daily project. thanks, xx