drawing | eye contact

here we are slowly nearing the end of the rascal, dirty dark month of february. there's no shorter, no longer month of the year than february. in our gloomy northern hemisphere we are in need of a generous dose of spring light and airy breeze, and some heart warming... eye contact.

do houses make eye contact? does my studio night window whisper 'night'night to the hollow, as yet uninhabited night eyes of the building opposite? i wonder. renilde offers us a wild winter's theme. incidentally, a little true story of a few years back: a young, sweet, innocent {looking} student traveled on the same morning train as mine. for three long years, we dared one another into intrepid eye contact. in hindsight, i feel a huge embarrassing smile rising up, as a soft spot inside me remembers. 

today's hometown folklore procession. 
plenty of eye contact. 
and such beautiful weather. 
thank you, february. ♥


  1. lovely – bien qu'en février!
    bise de Paris!

  2. hmmm, you are obviously in hurry to get this month over with! by my calendar we have still about 10 days to go. no?


  3. such a wonderful memory, the 3 years of eye contact.

    so many feel as you do about February, the last leg of winter, but not quite the time when winter begins it's slow dance with Spring.

    i have enjoyed considering the eye contact of buildings. and when we turn the lights out.... the eyes close for the night.
    your art is lovely ~

  4. What cheek you play on the trains! Just thinking of it makes me smile, Nadine.
    Yes, houses make eye contact if we take the time to stop and really look. Not in the peeping tom sort of way though!
    It's snowing as I write this, after two days of sunshine. Bleckkkkk February continues!
    xo Carole

  5. dear nadine,
    oh yes, houses make eye contact, I'm sure they make. your story warms my heart and make me smile also.
    have a lightful sunday!
    xo dania

  6. february, the shortest yet the longest month
    just one week and spring will come,soon!

    ooh Nadine! i can see you in the train
    making eye contact for three years! i love that!!!! ;^))))

    see(!!!) you soon

  7. Lots of inspiration bij seeing your windowpicture. I love it!

  8. that story made me smile big time! I can just imagine it and what an interesting relationship- one with out words??
    How Shakespearean dare I say - as are you last photos- your town is so intriguing! I have been loving all your house pictures- they are going to make a nice book ;)

  9. Wow, Woolfie! The parade is amazing - I love it all, especially the chartreuse trees! I think buildings can make eye contact - or not - the blank stare of abandoned spaces for example, and the lively love light of a warm home in twilight.
    wishing you a good week, sus

  10. welcome back to the sun, isn't it so heart-lifting?
    PS The blue and grey thingie in the photos is a shawl/scarf! Would you like one? What colors? I would love to make one for you, let me know….. ;-)

  11. yes one can make eye contact with a house i think, because a house is the work of men.
    the photo.... an eye looking through the window...wonderful
    but your train story is the best, no need for words, just eyes, and a whole world of thoughts and emotions they bring with them, there is so much beauty in that.

    you had a colorful sunday for sure, doesn't look like february at all!
    thanks sweetie, x

  12. Oh, this train story...my heart jumped up and down when I read it...don't we all have someone with whom we only had eye contact and nothing else? At least we should have!! It's so magical! I just met such a person this week-end again...see him only once a year on a certain event, since 5 or 6 years now, we never talked, just have eye contact again and again...when I left the event this time, our eyes met again for more than some seconds...isn't that a perfect goodbye-present?
    I sometimes wonder if magic would still last if we would talk one day...

    And well, houses...a lot of them have faces and seem to look at us...I surely see the eye in your first picture, that looks at me...and I totally enjoy your house drawing serial...hope your town will dedicate an exhibition to you in return! ;o))

  13. love that first image - that house is making eye contact!

  14. nice text and nice insight in human being