corner view ≈ inner child

every day i learn how to let the inner child have its say

in the past i reasoned i wanted to be a writer of novels. that was after the many years i wanted to become a famous actress. i was going through the-next-martha-stewart phase at some point, but in my dreams also saw myself as the new female joseph cornell

presently i am learning, each day as a matter of fact, to listen to my inner me. the inner me is small, female and hungry. she pushes me to experiment with colour and with medium, to reach out for a more satisfying destination, one closer to home. i hear her. 

she's also urging me into minute, miniature life, guiding me to obtain small vintage paraphernalia {throwing in aquarel for a bargain}. she still also wants me to add words, songs, poetry.... i'm on my way... 

sounds almost crazy, non? i think so. and i feel well chuffed. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, anna's theme. and with this, i bid you happy summer holidays, and see you soon! i'll be here. throughout summer. n♥


  1. You are, my dear Nadeschda, you are on your way. It's beautiful. Thank you...


  2. Keep your crazy, beautiful and funny inner child as a treasure :)

  3. I love that miniature piano! How cool! This theme was good for a lot of us---we are getting to see the real person behind the one we show most often. I esp. like how you illustrate "on my way" with the tire tracks in the field. Clever. I will miss these corner views as summer is when I can truly play. In 4 weeks and 2 days I'll be back in school. :>( / :>) --- a mix of sad and happy!

  4. i like the present Nadine a lot :)

  5. i'm impressed with your inner child theme!!
    it's nice to discover the inner me, the feminine side ( as you could have seen on my facebook, i have been brought up with boys!!) so the inner woman child of me....YES time to discover that and no not with make-up, but with dresses and skirts!

  6. love your colorful squares and fun how you put them with your miniatures
    fun to hear of your dreams and inner you
    too ~

  7. so lovely!
    i say we always should listen to our inner child and let it go....

  8. I returned to this post. Lately I feel an idea nagging and calling my name. An installation with sight, sound and smell. Where or how to go about it, I do not know. I know what I want, just not where to put it.