drawing | what is that?

maggie took me on a walking trip. 
we live closeby one another and we decided to walk from my place to hers and back in a day. 

she showed me two quiet roads, to and fro. 

more than that, she recounted long gone days, 
when her dad and her, 
and her brother and sisters and her, 
and her mum and her 
roved the woods behind their homestead. 

more than anything else, she told me about loves and loss. 
it was a mild, yet humid day, somehow perfect. 
above are some pics {more here} and below please find ...

... my this week's dc challenge entry. 
what is it that i saw? 
one of many, many animal shelters! 
carole's choice of topic this weekend. 
♥ enjoy saturday & sunday ♥
river update


  1. Nadine, I love how you take us on the walk along with you and show us things along the way. What a friendly way to spend the day, walking with a friend and making new fury ones along the way. Happy travels to you and may you ask "What's that?" along the way. xo Carole

  2. Its like looking behind the curtain of your walk and your talks which I really appreciated a lot there is something calming about it.
    Hugs to you
    Barbara bee

  3. I loved going on a walk with you Nadine. Love the horses. I passed by some people riding thru the village today. I'm always ever so careful to slow right down. Nice drawing of the animal shelter. R and I were at a friend's for a BBQ this evening and he had his pigs in a shelter with a walkway up into it. They looked very comfy hanging out in their home. :D

  4. sounds like a wonderful walk
    the sort i would enjoy
    with beautiful finds
    and listening to the spirit within your friends words
    lovely bit of art

  5. What a lovely walk you have shared first with your friend & now with us.....very peaceful & calming....& your animal shelter looks like a nice to live for some lucky little animal.

  6. What a wonderful walk. And again a great drawing. Love the street names as well! eric

  7. such a fine walk
    and such fine images!
    love that second one, it's freckles and braid ;^))
    WHAT's THAT???
    that, my friend, is a fine, fine drawing!!!

  8. What a beautiful experience, this walk. I especially like those horses, Nadine.
    Happy week to you, sus

  9. Magical walks. It is not easy finding sights like that here. I am back in the city and I miss the space, the tall pines and long walks :)

  10. sometimes walking and talking go hand in hand.

  11. Hi, Nadine! you are a great artist! very good photos and drawings! Your walking tour was productive!