no can do

wait a minute. 30°C? {yes, those are old slippers on my feet.}

no can do.
luckily i cemented and plastered the shower walls just a few days ago.

so, this morning, and before the hottest heat, i was here.

now we're back onto drawing houses...
been there, done that


  1. Un bon thé glacé... Nice works ;)

  2. Nice slippers Woolfy ;)
    I can't believe it's 30 degrees c in your neck of the woods! Far too hot for slippers and plastering! That must be a scorcher for you guys?!
    Keep (your) cool x

  3. 30C calls for more time outdoors, preferably in the shade, drawing.
    it's hot here too, but i love it (though it's a good excuse not to paint the walls!)

  4. yipes! that hot- what the- love those slippers!! I need some ;)
    stay cool and cement later

  5. very nice colours, sometimes also mysterious, art at very high level...

  6. it is very hard to work in hot weather, much better to sit in the shade and draw!
    i love those big legged corduroy pants, i use to have a pair..... so comfy.

  7. My ex threw away all my old artwork that was forgotten in a portfolio, the jerk. He should have asked me to pick it up along with a corner full of boxes I had also forgotten. Anyway, I must replace all that art work with new creations.