orange is the new black

stepson brought vegs that desperatey need tlc. am having some tonite!  ☺
hi-yah! last weekend home before picking up in the office. guess what? i spent not one, not two but three whole weeks on the kitchen refurbishings. i'm sure i gave most people what's for. i am sorry.

monkey puzzle tree, hometown village walk
now. i had-not-expected-that! call me naïve, call me anything you like. but i'm sure glad we're now on the other end of the holidays and that kitchen is in, and she's just gonna pay off, from now on. 

my new mascotte from thrift shop. hasn't got a name yet! ☻
sure. my kitchen is female, what else? she's gonna have coloured walls, partly clad in pale morrocan tiles before long. only i need to dig those tiles up from the caves and i'm pretty sure i haven't enough tiles. 

yes. ATOMIUM try out. paul auster keeps me company, thank U
sigh. i have NOT drawn a single line. i'm lying. this saturday morning i did draw a few lines. i drew a slim BRUSSELS ATOMIUM version, unintentionally. somewhat rusty would be a synonym to what this is. 

still in studio. 
i have plans for the months to come. i am SO happy my 365 instagram project ends on september 10th. i've just about had it. my efforts amounted to just doubling my 125 followers. i don't get it. 

oh everyone!!! making liquid water colour from old fibre tips!!! 
but. i'm not doubting what i do, what-so-ever. you know? i just go on. i hate commercials, i hate how the world turns, i hate inequality and i am lost for words. often. but i go on. i hope the same for you. 

have a good weekend, and a pleasant week to come. ♥


  1. Paul Auster's New York Trilogy? I read it some months ago. Wasn't quite my thing, but I sat if out and finished it :-)

  2. Your kitchen is wonderful... Your paintings, your Instagram as well... Go on ;)

  3. I read the next post first, but moving backwards is good too.