sorted. and perky

welcome. why don't you sit down for a bit? 
so. we are seeing clearer today. i had a late night dozing in front of a MAGNOLIA reprise, and felt so invigorated afterwards i was up a while longer, itching for the morning to begin. 

all my studio books rearranged and sitting at the ready
what with all of the kitchen refurbishments going on, and clearing out and changing overall spots, and pulling out bedroom carpets, and, and, and, ... i have finally also managed to fine tune the studio. again

books waiting to be cut up
the washing machine is proof turning, next i'll be testing the dish washer and the oven. that's on the kitchen front. but i'm (hopefully) cooking up a storm with papers and paints too. something is brewing. 

loving a messy table
and the best part of the week is here : saturday. i'm stocking up on a new week of IG posts, i'll be cutting up some book pages and i'll be pushing some paint around too, i think. 

showing off new mascotte. again. am repeating myself. ☻
... and keep breathing. the sun is out, i have sgt. pepper's in my headphones and a proper good mood to tote. have a good weekend everyone, and a beautiful week to come. ♥


  1. I LOVE your abode!!! Truly!! You have happy things around you. I have been having an itch to change our surroundings. In this city, that means either moving out or coming into more money, lol!!!! But a change could be in store, in thought or on the horizon.

  2. really so nice and tidy!! since months I have to clear up my little studio. its a terrible chaos, I'm feeling like a messie...
    but now after reading your post: I'll start!
    :-) mano

  3. (beautiful) home sweet (beautiful) home.

  4. that is a very good thing to have in your headphones. Love the mascotte.