pinkish post

zur oranienburger strasse
last weekend's post was one of despair, i'll admit it. i'm feeling much lighter today. the weekend in berlin has cast away the shadows in my heart. i'm on the up.

berlin water pipes at rest ☻
as much so at home, as in my head. all of a sudden, things come together. in 10 days the new kitchen is being build in the home. next week it gets delivered. we've a packed week of chores ahead. 

sybilla maria merian - ariane, patrice, barbara 
i started by painting a dingy (but vintage) glass and wood sideboard. it's going to be all off-white, hopefully by monday night. i screwed wheels underneath it and thus broke my drill. things are looking up... ☻

botanischer volksgarten coffee and cake ☺
never mind. an other and better (drill). i'll dismantle the rackety kitchen the next few days, and await the metamorphosis. luckily i'm on summer holidays break and i get tiny sleep inns. they do me good. 

hallesches haus, rest rooms
and also lucky, tomorrow is sunday and funday. i'll be going to an exhibition in ghent, and afterwards a tiny birthday party; a small family get together! i'll keep y'all posted on the renovation though. 

have a beautiful weekend and here is tiny berlin. thxs, patrice, barbara & ariane. ♥