strobo white blast {renov # 10}

wouldn't it be good.... (remember the song?). what a long time ago. i'm humming it today, because i know that before long all will be good. not that things aren't good anyway. it's been raining (too) hard, it's true, but kitten is keeping me company in my lap. i greeted my sweet central heating specialist, trying not to grow too desperate over the fact the builders managed to roof up while forsaking the exhaust pipe for the central heating boiler! oh glory, they will be hearing from me. and they will be drilling that hole too. blast!
little update : all is well that ends well. had a good ♥-to-♥ chat to my favourite builder. he's finishing up as we speak. next week the kitchen window and doors to the garden are arriving. my central heating will be finished before long.... it's getting there, i tell you, it's getting there. and so. i think the time may be at hand to post a preliminary before/after?  i know everybody loves before/afters. so do i. thank you for having a look at just a few curlicues. feel free to click on images! 
UPDATE 1C - studio fully insulated and plastered
(small window te be installed his thursday)
as i'm leafing through my picture gallery, i revel at the long and winding road  (now there's another song) we've traveled already.... [far more impressive before/afters are coming up. and that's a promise!] 
1A - studio-to-be before anything got done to it
1B - plastering in studio and bedroom 2 halfway

2A - son's bedroom before anything got done to it
 2B - son's bedroom fully plastered and insulated
3A - old outbuildings when first viewing the house
3B - new built kitchen extension with favourite builder roofing the top
and now then, on to something completely different : crochet! remember these buggers? begging for attention they are. here comes. let's finger massage the old limbs then.


  1. Your kitten is totally adorable! Aren't they good at cheering us up?

  2. oh oh,wat een werk! Maar als het klaar is....
    Oh, dat poesje...zoooooo schattig !

  3. Wat een snoezig katje!
    Hard gewerkt zeg! Het ziet er al mooi uit.

  4. Oh Baby, it is coming together with a little heat now and no leaks.....where's the guest bedroom!!lol
    if you lived closer I wish you could have come over for the big gobble gobble dinner this next week!

  5. love the kitty - i thought you didn't have any pets?

    glad the heating problem is fixed!!!

  6. Your space is going to be great when it's finished. I can tell - good bones!

    Oh hug your sweet kitten for me :^)

  7. what a wonderful adventure! can't wait to see the finished space - but probably not as eager as you are :) that kitten makes everything better.

  8. Oh it's good to see things are moving along. Heat is nice, no? Cute kitten!

  9. What a darling kitty! He looks like he has a lot of personality, too : )

  10. With the cute kitten, I like to see the tale of work in progress...

  11. bravo bravo! you will be so thrilled when it is done and feel such a sense of satisfaction i think. meanwhile..... a little kitten to help keep the heart rate and blood pressure down when the builders get a little "ahead of themselves". loved your colorful corner view!