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not as if i'm easily drawn to mumbo jumbo, but all of a sudden i'm drawing pie in the sky! a touch of sobriety in the midst of the heat? who shall say? and if kiting for pie in the sky does happen to be one of your {temporary} pleasures, then you might also remember this from the nineties? i do miss chef(!)/inspector henry crabb and his lovely wife. luckily there's plenty more excentric detectives to chose from, as we well know... ☻ i'll be flying by 'round monday next!....


  1. Love your new header Momma I have missed your poetic writing!

  2. ... you gave me mr. carver, mrs. maurier and this wonderful cloud/s-theme! so thank you! ♥♥ xx, julia

  3. kiting ...a way to be close to the clouds..i adore your drawing/collage, it's sweet and brings back memories, you often stir memories forgotten or hidden ones, that's nice, thanks,.. and for clouds x

  4. mmmm i'll have a piece please!
    thank you for hosting this rich and wonderful theme! I'm quite certain there is pie in the sky - its a big ever changing mystery up there!!

  5. pie in the sky
    forgot about that

    and the kiting
    just great

  6. Dearest Nadine,
    I'm in!

    Love your clouds! Will taken a deeper breath later, honey...

    Love, Ariane.

  7. My dear Nadine,
    its a shame, I've never seen this TV-serie! But I'm sure I've seen a pie in the sky in Danmark!!

    And coming home I've found wonderful post in my letterbox... thank you very much deep from my heart. Its always amazing and truly refreshing to escape your wonderful art! Full of fantasie...


  8. kiting! haven't tried that in years. thanks for the reminder. haven't seen the series though :)

  9. tee heee. your pie in the sky, i love...and that trailer i love, too. I'd like to watch that.
    turquoise, a favorite color of mine...
    i have a theme for next week. visit me...

  10. Oh no. I've been trying not to think of pie and now you've brought it back to the forefront of my mind. I think I should just give in. I need a nice slice of blueberry pie, perhaps à la Mode.

  11. Beautiful swirling blues!
    And I love there is a ♡ of course:)

  12. i love your drawing! thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :)