drawing | favourite object

totally inspired by this by calamari studio who made a photo of wolf canyon, utah, usa. 
{only this morning i discover the wolf link! 
i was actually directly smitten by the image. 
do check it out.}

this week i've encountered a few mountains in conversations, in images, in thought. always {try to} love what you encounter, i was thinking. relieved i should not drag myself to climbing a mountain, my favourite object would be the stipple. 
{and patience shall be my partner.} ☻ helen gathers favourite objects. 


  1. yes Miss Nadine
    the stipple is yours and now joins my favourites too!


  2. PS: forgot to say that the stipples on this paper are heavenly I like how they are shape-shifters too!

    Such lovely work I think I want a 50's dress with this around the bottom of the skirt.

  3. It's really very nice, I love the colours. The image calms me down....
    (I'm glad you received my mail, you never know if it arrives...)

  4. Ooh I like objectsofwhimsy's idea to turn your stipple into a skirt hem Woolfy. It would look a-mazing. And whimsical. I would like to wear one like it too...
    I also love your scribblings on roomster btw, it is such a cool word and would (as you say) make a wonderful name for a blog or shop...
    I am ok, thanks for asking, just not feeling in the mood for too much blogster stuff at the mo. Keeping it short and sweet for now.
    I hope life at number 64 is good for you too x

  5. Nadine the stipple is grand. Simple and complex at the same time. Like conversations that take on mountainous parameters. As usual, a thoughtful arty interesting fun post! Have a grand day, *hugs* Norma

  6. looks like a meditative work ... very nice!

  7. yes your dots and stipples and tiny stripes are one of my favourites too, embroidery like,
    great use of colour and lively, fine work sister, xx

  8. ok
    now I want to go to Utah
    keep on stippling
    it suits you so well

    Patrice A.

  9. No need to go to Utah for me.
    When looking at this I AM in Utah! ;o)

    Happy sunday to you, dear!

  10. Fantastic, Nadine - and I love your beautiful blog. So glad to meet you. -sus

  11. "stipple" is a new word for me. Beautiful wolf stippling there! :)

  12. nadine, i must admit I really like your drawing more than the photo that inpired you.

  13. The photograph is very nice, but I prefer your interpretation.