'first you notice, then you die'

i know. it sounds gruelling, don't it? i've been quite smitten with 2012 these days. not just hugh bonneville sweeping me off my feet. the dialogues on this situational documentary are... well.. to die for. never before have i been so utterly entertained by nonsense, the absolutely fabulous way, you know? i mean. take the olympics, which is what this situational real life sitcom is all about. 

then take a crew and the ODC (olympic deliverance committee). there you have it: the exhaustive bubble of
architecture, infrastructure, brand, contracts, sustainability, legacy and deliverance, which will result in a worldwide entertainment plateau, holding a.o. olympic sport disciplines. the very thought of it. "and that's all good.*"

which brings me back to the title, anyway. quite a paradox to this life, in the end. i wonder if the script writers realized they were onto something big? oftentimes this is what life boils down to anyway. 
first you notice. then you die
*stop word used by head of deliverance. that would be hugh


  1. I love BBC and wish we got more British shows here in Canada!
    This made me laugh. As you probably know, Vancouver had the Olympics last. We took the ferry over to see the flame and the buildings just to say we did. Now I forget why.

  2. Your awesome knowledge of English language sometimes makes it difficult for me to understand your posts, but that's great because I have to find out the meaning of words, therefore, I learn :)

    I've been smitten with 2012 too... really, we need to retake the talk!
    Big kisses Nadine, and thank you for making me a wise person ;)

  3. So true. We notice then we die!