drawing | the nondominant hand

norma chose this week's theme. besides the nondominant hand challenge, i've let the train ride decide where this one was going to take me.
seems to me the landscape outside my window had a hand in it too. legend: the purple and greens are average rides, the red dots are stops {yes, dotted with my left hand}, the black lines are speed between the bigger stations.
this was fun! the passenger beside me thought otherwise. kept on scraping his throat, he did. did he want to say anything, i wonder? ☻


  1. it looks like fun!
    great red dots too and that with your nondominant hand!

    and thank you very much for your very kind and helpful words....i'm cum laude graduated for my medical basic exam!!


  2. Heehee he was too scared!
    I can imagine you sitting there with your pen held to page like a seisometer (fabulous idea by the way)glancing out of the window every now and then....or he could have and a sore throat hahaha....The finish result is quite unexpected I like how you can see the rythm feels and looks very Pollack like.

    You have interesting ideas Nadine I do like Miss Woolf!

    Enjoy your weekend

    Helen :)

  3. I think it's funnt how even if we draw automatically and try not to control what we do, there are always traces that reveal our way of drawing in there.
    Personality in traces belongs to the person, and no matter what the technique is, it always ends up by showing!
    Big kisses, I love to hear from your experiments when travelling by train.

  4. it looks like fun!
    and I can picture you in that train

    besides all that
    I like the outcome too


  5. damn woman! you are awesome! love to have this hanging on my wall. :)

  6. Hi Nadine! I peeked at this drawing last night and then waited to leave a comment until this morning. I love this drawing; how it evolved with the movement of the train and the movement of the line(s) and the meaning under the lines. It's great!! Wouldn't this be interesting silkscreened onto plexiglass? It reminds me of something organic growing in a petri dish. Fun!! *smiles* Norma
    p.s. I was imagining the train rider clearing his throat. Very very funny.

  7. Brilliant, Nadine! The train lead you along a path and you followed freely along. Brilliant. xo Carole
    PS love your new hair-do!

  8. Hello, Nadine - I love this drawing, and the fact that it made an impression on your fellow traveler! Wonder where you are traveling to? Safe journey, where ever, sus

  9. dear Nadine, i looked at your drawing and thought 'Japanese' the more i look the more 'Japanese' i see, guess your train was riding on Belgian tracks, no? :) love your approach x

  10. Hi Nadine!
    Thank you for your lovely comments - and so happy to meet you all!
    I can imagine the wry smile on your lips as you created this on your train ride!
    The black lines remind me of some thread drawings and shibori work I've seen recently.
    And I agree with Renilde - very - Japanese!!
    Have a lovely sunday!!

  11. Wonderful lines and 'story' of your travels!
    I can't wait ms N. to get a letter from you!!

  12. What a fun ride- I love this idea- at first I thought it was impressionistic in a way- a landscape, a close up...until I read your words and then it made me laugh, how tactile!

  13. i ADORE this!!! ( i have very impressionistic roots. :)

  14. I think he wanted to say that it is a very nice drawing you were making :)
    so so cool.