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we enjoy the smell of washing on the line (thank you barbara, for the appropriate image), freshly cut grass or home baked bread, don't we? on the subject of odours, have you heard of petrichor and geosmin? they sound like they could be friends. {as a matter of fact they are.} then have you found yourself madly taken by the smell of the earth after a downpour? it's the bacteria in petrichor {greek petra-stone & ichor-fluid in the vein of gods} and geosmin {γεω- earth and ὀσμή smell} that cause the delectable fragrance of soil after rain. thus, ode to the filamentous bacteria in a macro foolery of actinomycetes. many more smells over at barbara's! 


  1. hahaha!
    this is so you!!
    all of us are into memories of our childhood
    you can almost hear the violins playing in the background
    and you approache this theme more in a scientific way
    with a drawing.... hmmmm.... like a box full of candy!

    Patrice A.

  2. yes i like all those smells, you've been digging into your science books again? i like the new drawing too, w/ the woolf superimposed upon them.

    sorry about the wks events. i know about these kinds of things, sadly. it's not easy.

  3. Your so talented....and things are happening at your house....Heidi

  4. love the smell of the earth after a rain (but how peculiar the science makes it sound!) love this drawing, too - it would make a lovely tile, don't you think?

  5. I have always wondered what that was!! how totally cool...I have always loved that smell and the smell of ozone I think...before it's about to rain, they go hand in hand in my head.

    Your illustration is wonderful- love the shapes, colors pattern!!!

  6. I too love the smell of earth after a rain. It has been so long since I have smelled it, as we have had months of snow...perhaps today, as there is some rain in the forecast! I also love your drawing interpreting the bacteria of this phenomenon. Delightful shapes and colours. So beautifully done!

  7. The smell of earth after rain is a favorite of mine, for sure. I remember when we were kids and summer heavy rain began, all were still playing under the drops, getting stronger, until our mother called us. and felt the smell of wet earth!
    Thanks, tiny WOLF, I never imagined it was because these bacteria. somehow i love these bacteria :)))

  8. hihi, love your input, now I'm a bit smarter again;-) I think you made a wonderful pattern there!

  9. Never ever I will enjoy the smell after a downpour,
    dearest Nadeschda...
    without your beautiful drawing of filamentous bacteria on my mind :) Thank you for that scientist lesson, Dear.
    Love the colour you have given them and the different patterns... it dressed even woolfy up very well!

    xo Ariane.

  10. I was thinking about showing a picture from the forrest after the rain... and now I start to know why it is so lovely. I really LOVE, Love your bacteria drawings! Bacteria like viruses are so attractive to look at!
    Thanks for sharing and participating!
    with love Barbara
    PS. your workplace starts to look really great! Greetings for Patrice, next time I'll be with you!

  11. great bacteria wolf!! your drawings remember me to aborigenes art. :-) mano

  12. You educate us, Woolfie! I like these microbes very much, just as much as the smell of the wet earth after a summer rain. -sus

  13. are you a chemist? what I like about geosmin and petrichor is how they smell differently according to the temperature: cold soil doesn't smell anything like warm, sun kissed one!
    happy monday!

  14. I absolutely LOVE this post! Science and art intertwined. . . my favorite! Thank you for the information and for the beautiful images.

  15. wow, amazing
    and the drawing so nice again!
    are my words fillip enough to take part for the next d.c.?
    x keanu

  16. Wow, I'm learning something about "Petrichor" and "Geosmin"...thanks for your illustration and explanation.
    When I was a child I have been thinking the earthworms are smelling like this;-) because you can see so many after a rainshower......
    Even, the names will be perfectly for a fantasy story.

    It's raining here since Saturday morning and all the blossoms are gone now...happy to have the beautiful photos:-)
    regards from Munich

    1. munich! well, hello. i do not know munich at all, but it's lovely to know you live there!
      it was my thought, actually, exactly... those petrichor & geosmin names... perfect fairy tale characters! who knows?
      will you be joining us regularly, for then i must let you in on our plans of the 'virtual drawing challenge meeting' {in a distant future}.
      just let me know!

  17. I LOVE this drawing....
    the writing is good too!

  18. Would all my chemistry lessons have been that colourful and interesting! I swear, Dad, I would have come closer to chemistry than I ever did (he is a chemical laboratory worker, you know?)! ;o) I totally love this drawing, dear Nadine, I thought of plants or sweets or corals, but bacteria...!! I mean... who would have thought they would give such a lovely pattern for whatever? One of my favourites so far, especially in terms of surprise effect!
    Ahm...lots of rain here, by the way. So lots of good smell...at least let's focus on this to get over this dull weather! ;o)))

  19. ha! the smell after rain, too :o)
    love your earthy work ♥ tatjana

  20. ok ,at last, that lovely smell of the earth after rain has a name, i'll think of petrichor and geosmin (and of you)each time i'll smell it in the future i'm sure.
    they look beautiful too, flower-like, soft and round and amazing, thanks, xx

  21. ...and here came the day I see you writing in greek ;)
    I love the smell of the earth after the rain (more than I love the rain)
    your drawing reminded me really of the cut trunks of trees in my yard

    hugs xoxox

  22. Hooray for bacteria! Only you could make them sound poetical <3

  23. I love the scent of this bacteria, now I know, but I love your illustration of it just as much. Now, the scent has an image :)

  24. Isn't it amazing how so many of us friends enjoy the scent of the rain and/or rain mixed with earth. I love that. I love your drawing. This could be a print for wallpaper or something big. Just marvelous art dear Nadine. N, x
    You know how there are room 'fresheners' or car 'fresheners' that you spray around the room to get rid of odours, or you light a scented candle to get rid of the odours, or there are plug ins for the wall (electric outlet) or the scented paper hangers, etc. ~~ well someone should invent a 'fresh spring rain on dirt' smell. I'd buy it.

  25. smell bacteria are very attractive lovely grid of bacteria drawings wonderful Miss Woolf yes I am catching up on your posts ;)

  26. simply beatiful...and smart too
    thanks for the share.