amazing marvellous ~ dec # 12

tiny rabbit went to town. on his trip he stumbled upon a gathering of words, while a vintage VW added to his excitement. the tiny frame was painted last summer. the words were found in d.h. lawrence's THE WOMAN WHO RODE AWAY{# dec 12 part of december magic}


  1. hi Nadine,
    off course we'll find time!! and together with Barbara that left me also a comment, now I see.
    my email is: (better delete it afterwards)
    I couldn't find a possibility in blogger to send me a mail without showing the address.
    send me your mail, and it will be easier to be in contact.
    I love your picture from today and the idea of taking words (or even sentences) from books that I like.

    have a nice weekend!

  2. i love these words
    they make me smile
    and inspire stepping into the scene like an invitation

  3. That's a little beauty. Very emotive for me. I feel just like that little rabbit; just want to get into that gorgeous WV and drive away form everything and into sparkly amazing, marvellousness. :D

  4. Oh the yearning that bunny is feeling!