playing mimosa ~ dec # 1

i just figured, while cutting out, the printed sheets do not contain all alphabet letters, so i may not get to the full words of "december", "i try" or "this sucks". i've a strong feeling "mimosa" .....
.... will work. and so do other six letter words for bird.... 
a fruit.... 
an insect....
a children's toy... 
.... a fish. because this is an actual children's guessing game... ☻
yes, the game's origin is french. credits for the vintage cut-out sheet :  pillipat
{dec # 1 is part of december magic}. 


  1. i love this letter game! Come play with you!

  2. These letters are gorgeous. What a great start to December Magic!
    xo Carole

  3. wonderful! I found only one german words: REISE!
    :-) mano

  4. i'm not good at this ... my boys always beat me at scrabble :(