december magic ~ # dec 31

here it is, last day of the year. my river {blog} is running dry {last update on january, 1st}
i'm wishing you all a wonderful end of year and a spectacular new beginning. 
thank you for having followed here my december magic
what can i say? i ran out of "y" and so my message comes out all welsh. never mind. ♥  
{# dec 31 part of december magic}.


  1. Thanks for your comment on the time post. No matter you've forgotten to participate:) Your daily "december magic" is also a kind of time calender. It was a pleasure to be surprised every day! - eric

  2. Wonderful new year card - love your sense of humor! Happy new year to you!

  3. wonderful photos as well as your card
    i love that top one, the gold paint and the green... beautiful
    lovely new year to you!

  4. HAPPINEWYEAR to you too! N, x
    p.s. I simply must dig out some gold to do something today! This is a m-u-s-t indeed!!!

  5. happy new year to you (with or without Y)!
    a nice card!

  6. and now!? one of this lovely i-cards is hanging at my wall! thank you sooooo much - I love it ♥!!

  7. Hippi appi oppi new year to you.