reading room ~ dec # 2

it has gotten colder all of a sudden, and chances are i will curl up in front of the fire soon. i'm glad i've got my origami book to entertain me, and now i have found me an exquisite reading room, what can go wrong? i've already the glass, i should thrift a toys vintage wine bottle soon. credits for the vintage cut-out sheet of a reading room :  pillipat{dec # 2 is part of december magic}. 


  1. Oh dear Nadine, that looks so cute and here's the same COLD, I guess even a bit colder like minus 5 degrees at night and with a cold nasty wind, but inside is fine with a nice fireplace and book.
    Sorry for me being so quite, I just so much of in a hussle because of the christmas market. Writing you tomorrow!

  2. Comfy chair, a fire, books to read, and a glass to fill and empty. Sounds like a perfect evening in December.
    It's getting cooler her too. I've hunted down my winter coat, gloves, and hat. Brrrr!
    xo Carole

  3. you could use a chianti (straw) bottle :)

  4. Cosy little place. I put a tiny wine bottle in my doll's house and my daughter took it away when my granddaughters came to play with it, and I'm like, "what?". Apparently not appropriate for our 4 and 2yr olds. LOL