back to shameless normalcy. er?

today's excellent clouds party
everything back to normal. except. i miss my daily project, my routine, my go-to, my ritual. i wonder if i should again start up some sort of practice, so that i'm staying in it, rather than left, right, next or out of it. 

a dream
back to normal means, going places, walking, talking, eating, drinking, dreaming, thinking (up new brilliant ideas) and sharing all of those thoughts with whomever is digging exactly that scene. 

shamelessly gobbling down excellent desserts

i believe in cherishing what you need and love. therefore you need to nurture yourself and your art with kindred souls. and the world out there is often not so kindred as to nourish you with what you need.

saturday morning ritual

a lot of what i see happen around me on the internet, the encouraging, the making, the feed back; it all happened because of attention to details, and belief in what you can do when you focus. 

shamelessly reproducing an ad

what is normal, you may wonder. i don't know. normal is what you know, i guess. and all of what you don't know is to be explored. why not? why ever not? so, do already. make already. believe already.

veggies of last week

i honestly do not know where that came from, but it's a shiny road ahead, and who knows what is behind that next corner over there. i think i'll just go and have a look see. 

enjoy the weekend! have a loving week ahead. ♥


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