magical mystery chore

i've been trying on some magic. trying to add some sparkle, to the otherwise straight forward task of cutting tiny booklets. see, i like function to what i make, so the magic, it needs to work.  

it sounds funny, but it ties it all in. thinking up an effective theme prooved to be a chore. vintage paper strips, a booklet stanza that holds up, lose words, poetry..... would it work any? 

christina rossetti is the kick off poet i will bring to you, in an accordeon booklet. at the very treshold of a new and darker season, she may very well be the one whispering of wind and rain... 

so all those nightly waking hours, countless scribbles on counters, coffees and teas, and portions of cake, paid off and finally got me to the stage of being satisfied again.

my tiny booklets' stories are short, so short. and some are blank even. in a fortnight they will sit snug in my shop, till you pick 'em up. ☺ 

'last chance harveys' to all amongst you who didn't enter the giveaway yet. you have exactement 6H00M left to leave word. midnight will bang the gong and tomorrow i'll update this post. 

UPDATE 02/10. THANK YOU all for playing! fate and my hand decided who'd be getting a tinyWOOLF package. congratulations, Ingrid. i'll be in touch! not long now before my etsy shop reopens!! ♥ 

goodie. enjoy another week at the mills. i'm late posting, durr. ♥