what dreams may ...

finally coming round to using up vintage images scraps

as a matter of a tiny project, and to keep the creative stream streaming, i found myself cutting and pasting early last week, all the while wondering where it would lead me. well, it lead me up the hill! 
geraardsbergen, oudenberg, kapel

i remember feeling at crossroads with myself, dilly-dallying, so next i saw myself cutting into vintage flower images. because i needed a hill of grass land, really. and so. 

detail on its side from manneken pis (see below)

before long i felt on a roll, thinking up local scenery, asking myself, can i cut it, and next meaningfully piecing small snippets together. because i can only do this when i have an objective. 
geraardsbergen, oudenberg, chapel and pond
like, perhaps, framing an image in my camera? i don't know. the details are leading me, and there it is, a stylized image that makes me quite ecstatic indeed, seemingly popping up from, well, where?  
geraardsbergen, manneken pis in progress
as a means of distraction, this cutting and pasting does a fine enough trick, offering almost instantaneous gratification (not counting the hours). i'm always in for variation. now, am i looking at greeting cards, i wonder?

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  1. I recognize that statue! We have the photos as proof. Well done my talented friend. xo