must have fun

doll's dresses... i can see these on wrapping paper, right? 
where does it come from, my sudden urge to draw doll's dresses? i never even wondered, but just went ahead and used research to draw some dresses up and clothe them on a vignette blob. 

painting blobs is such an addictive thing to do, much like gelli plating (patrice?)
where does the vignette blobbing come from, i don't know that either, frankly. i've for a long time loved all things small and tiny, maybe it's the right and proper size for me? so painting blobs is just mere fun. 

sunday morning breakfast counter doodling
because, that i do know : creating must be fun. i've been giving myself a hard time already over the fall exhibition, losing the plot even, until i realized, i just need to have fun while doing whatever it is i will be doing. 

my prep wall in the studio. oi, long way to go. but! no worries
i am showing a tid bit here, but all of this can still change towards the dates. i don't mind staying close to the exhibition theme (baking), but i might just stray from it just as well. i should not forget to have fun. 

have a beautiful end of the weekend and a brilliant week ahead. ♥

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  1. Absolutley, you must have fun! When art gets to be a chore, I think you are not creating from that deeper place, the heart and soul, so to speak. I love the doll dresses; they are so charming. They remind me of when I was a child, making my own paper dolls and creating clothes for them. That was the epitome of fun, for sure! xox