meh, and snap

estació del nord
picking up after a holiday is meh, even if you don't expect it. especially if you don't expect it. and with a temperature drop of about 15°C it's chilling, even. the good thing about a short break however...

palm trees! i am so smitten by palm trees now... 
... is, for me anyway, i come back with a clean canvas in my head. so blank i've completely forgotten about any appointment or agreement i should have recently made. it's ALL a blank and i might need a reboot. 

ciutat de les arts i les ciències

i've only just now realized i didn't take my best camera to valencia, having gotten used so well to the light weight and user friendliness of my mobile phone with a built in camera lens of the refutable kind. 

retrospective exhibition of artist okuda san miguel in el carme cultural center

my travel ease was guaranteed, but my snap shots disappoint. i had expected it a bit, i am surprised anyway. whilest images look pleasing on social media, they show their inadequate pixelation hard in photoshop.

aw. man holes. when looking down, you find all sorts of, well, beauty

will you then just bear with me, for what it's worth? i'm working on a small series for my flick library to whom it may concern and i will link that up here when it's done. for now, i've been able to secure a few in this post. ☻

enjoy the weekend. man, it's cold here. holidays after Easter for you? enjoy! ♥


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