the sickness of the body is the cure of the mind *

my tiniest painting palette
i believe there's nothing more challenging in our daily lives than keeping the wheel turning when we're not feeling up to it. since an in-house move at work december last, it's been rough riding in more than one way.

zottegem railway station underpass
winter can be bleak but light, but ours wasn't that. apart from aforementioned professional changes, needing ample adjusting, we've been sailing the tumultuous seas of head colds and unpleasant flus. yes. plural. 

a new diversion. collage
and one can try to hold one's head high, which is always preferable. at a certain point the heavy chin will just stay put on the body and more than a good night's sleep is needed to get it back up. 

my old paint tubs and starting a greetings card...
okay. that's where we're at. i don't find it easy, being ill. i don't find the admitting easy, and i certainly don't find the sweating it out easy. i get bored so easily when the dynamics are missing... 

... for mum, who turned 93... ☺
but. it's true. in between hot teas, light toast, power (well) naps and watching a few films that were awaiting me patiently, i can dedicate precious time to drawing. one can even draw while lying down, i've found!

have a beautiful germ free ☻ weekend, and enjoy your week ahead ♥
* would you believe it? i love that basque proverb!


  1. I so know where you're coming from and am sorry, that things have been that for you too. This winter has been a tough one and sometimes it feels, I might have to sleep for weeks. And then an energy boot occurs, follwed by the next virus. So sick and tired of this rollercoaster. I know there is stuff lying underneath the surface, I know things have to change over here. But on the other hand, I would like to float, not hunting chances. Sending you the first proper sun from Brandenburg and the thought, that things sometimes take longer than we believe, we can stand them. To a great Spring! xoxo

  2. I have found it hard living in Germany this past year, not because living here is hard, but the winters are long. I hope you feel better soon and that you will find the inspiration and motivation to get the things done you want to accomplish.