corner view ≈ my favourite painter

view from my bedroom window as a child
light is my muse. or rather, my muse is light. i shall die if i have to live without. unconsciencely, subconsciencely, i take to the light. 

capturing early evening light, 2008
that's why my visit to a 2004 exhibition at the london tate modern prooved to be a landmark. i had dreamed about his paintings so so often. many a postcard i had fingered, to no particular avail. 

view from train, early evening, 2008
now, i was going to walk amongst his light, room after room, tableau after tableau. i buzzed with a hum i didn't shake for hours. 

light on white flower, 2007
i have never been to new england, but that afternoon in sunny london, i was there. heart. and bones. enthralled, to finally witness mr. edward hopper's paintings, seperated just a few inches from the master's jewels of light. yes, i let security tell me off twice for standing too close. no, i didn't feel shame. [theresa's theme for the week, jane's corner view, as ever.]

courtesy of ibiblio
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  1. I understand your excitement at seeing in person your favorite artist's paintings. Images don't do much justice to that kind of art. Splendid and evocative photos of light.

  2. yes Hooper!
    nice photos
    have a great day

  3. Nice indeed! A great way to look at art through light. Thanks. xo

  4. Yes, I feel the same way about light...

  5. Light is so important to me to especialy in the winter....Love your light and your view!

  6. oh yes, e. hopper is one of my alltime favorites. and the light, the light, like butter, like water, like something you can hold in your hand. thanks for reminding me!

  7. Wow those pictures are so beautiful.
    Last Friday I was in Madrid watching an exhibition called 'impressionists gardens' with my Art History classmates and was one of the most amazing art moments in my life.
    Actually, the first post I wrote in my blog was inspired by light.

    I think you should take a look at Sorolla's work.
    He's the greatest I've ever seen capturing light.

  8. Beautiful pics. A light lover too !

  9. Hopper's play with light is extremely beautiful and he is also one I adore!! Had to smile about you standing too close at the paintings, this could have happened to me, too! :))

  10. Aha! So your dreams did lead you someplace ... to art! Also, I must agree: For me, too, art is all about light!

  11. Hopper... sigh. I've never seen his work "in person" - but I am sure that I will someday. Good for you, that you've been able to absorb his light!

  12. Thanks for taking us with you to the Tate Modern,
    London + Light, you're journey's our delight...
    hemmmmm that's my late night poetry,
    Good night!!! ♡

  13. I like Hopper's paintings too. They take my mind away.

    I love your photos as well...

  14. Very nice! Seems I recently saw the picture of the girl in the light when I was looking for photos of fine art :)

  15. Your view from the window - ohhhh, take me there!

    Me too. Looove Hopper... The light, stillness, melancholy... so perfect. xo

  16. This is a wonderful, thoughtful post. What a view you had as a child. No wonder you are so poetic.

  17. fantastic!!
    love the idea of travel in the train, you makes me remember some great days!

  18. You can't get too close to Mr. Hopper!