greetings from montaigue

there is a possibility that when you go looking for the one thing, you find the other.

like sugar-faced-dressed-up-bull-dog-christmas-balls, e.g.

while sitting sipping coffee in disneyland for adults SCHERPENHEUVEL (in french MONTAIGUE) rose from its ashes, luckily for us, mortal souls, prettily deserted.

it offered some precious time to go dawdling, snapping here and there a little treasure.

i wish i could reveal more of bell's imminent intentions in the shop.

for now though, we're just getting ourselves pensively reflected in holy windows...


  1. I love these images. I wish I could have followed behind on this trip. Who is wearing the blue dress because I love that dress. That is so me!

  2. the lady in the shop window looked like me sitting there I better cut back on the oatmeal Momma!

  3. The christmas doggie is mad as pants!!! Lovely photos, the cafe, ahhh, I'd love to be putting my feet up in there right now!

  4. Kers, that is a little West Highland Terrier Christmas ball! I had a doggie just like that...I loved him like my squirrels, don't ya know. He only loved me! hahaha His name was Schroeder...probably had a screwed up mentality because he was a Scottish dog with a German name.

  5. I always like plays on reflections. This one, in holy windows, is pretty special :)

  6. This possibility is so true! It's like the entire life ;)

  7. That courtyard with the green trees all around it - it just looks magical :)

  8. what can i add except that i loved the post about the english teacher, jeremy and lydia.

    too true, when you're fifteen, grandchildren are the last thing on your mind!

  9. Dear Nadine,
    I'd like to go for a walk with you in Belgium... and sitting in that cafe... disney land for adults.
    First, may I please invate you to the next weekend's drawing challenge with the theme: Metamorphosis?
    Let me know, you're in...
    x Ariane.

  10. I love Disneyland for adults -lucky that there are quite a few of them out there..
    He looks so adorable. I want this little dog...;-)

    Dear Nadin- have a wonderful time!!!