drawing | monkey

taking the boy out of the monkey is one thing. taking the monkey out of the boy, i'm not sure i can or want to. born a monkey under chinese sun&moon, it might just always have him turn into a curious, clever & mischievous little apa. now, where could he be hiding? elisabeth is gathering our monkey businesses today!


  1. :) The boy with the beautiful name is a beautiful boy. I dare not say 'apa' ;) I bet he was born under a lucky Swedish star. As well as that mother of his.

    See you, n!

    PS. Is it acrylic paint? It has a cool metallic look... I can feel the brush strokes.

  2. You are in such good company....and talent!

  3. oh, i used the term monkey business, too :)
    and what a beautiful boy! thank you for sharing ♥

  4. Oh, dear Nadine,
    I discovered your Monkey... I'm in practice because of my youngest is born as a chinese horoscope monkey, too! (I've published now)

    Ah, I see, your son is a very friendly, good looking person - you're a lucky mom, don't you. Including some curiosity... monkey business.

    You're a patient person... I discovered that at your beautiful drawing.

    Love, Ariane.

  5. what a gorgeous cheeky looking monkey you have for a son.

    i thought of you today (as I did my late monkey post), because I was having a bit of a film festival on my computer. And because of Metroplolis and because I told you about Moonstruck (did you watch it??). So it is a nice coincidence that you have linked to another Cher film favourite here - Mermaids - what a film! I have just recently watched it (again) but this time with my daughter. I am also trying to give her 'an education' in all the film classics. There are so many, and so many genres, but I love seeing them all again through her eyes.

  6. every boy and girl ( man and woman) does well to be a monkey once in a while.
    your monkey is hiding in there, too! I see it!