drawing challenge NEW THEME : stained glass

stained glass often has a religious connotation. how could it not have? its sparkling beauty rises holy debate, especially when sunlight falls through abundantly. nonetheless and even without the help of god, we can let ourselves be immersed by spiritual thoughts. 

illumination ahoy! let's have it for the late summer light? feel free to join the band of glory, and especially of stained glass. elisabeth, renilde, jasmin, rachel and ariane have signed up!

anybody with a new (next week's) theme, feel free to indicate ... ☻


  1. Did you draw this, or is it stained glass? you did good Momma!

  2. How exciting about the kitchen......yeah!

  3. I was going to ask the same question as Ms Polkadotpeticoat...did you draw this Woolfy or is it a photograph? You drew it didn't you, you cleverest thing you! Wow!

    The closest I ever came to doing this is sticking bits of coloured cellophane on a black widow-ish shaped cardboard cut-out! Ha-ha.

    And what's this about a kitchen???

  4. These are wonderful!! I want to give it a try too , i'm in my dear,x

  5. I haven't seen a stained glass window like this one before. I like it. Where is it located?

  6. what a theme dear! but for the second time i have to say no... won't make it, 'cause this week/+weekend is just aaarrrgghhh -fully. love♥, julia

  7. Where did you get this beautiful pictures?
    Mmmmm windows, stained glasses...looks like you're into a bright light spot right now!

  8. this is your DRAWING??? i am EXTREMELY impressed, young lady!

  9. wait, haven't I signed in?

    I'm in, dear Nadine!

    Wonderful stained glass!
    Illumination ahoy...


  10. Beautiful true colored holy glass !
    I can't believe i missed this one.
    Where are those glorious windows from? did u paint on glass?!