had i better not laid my lenses in their tiny cases, instead this prickly cornflower? 

♥ albeit there's a reason for her short clipping. i tore the flower from the ditch the other day when i was feeling blue, and let her slip inside a tall glass. she was happy. i took some beauty shots of her, and by mistake then threw the glass over the table. the flower got her stem crushed under the heavy glass. i had to trim off her limb. i've felt both saddened and heartened by her presence, for she came into my life at a moment of doubt, and now she symbolizes change. accidents will happen, but we do go on. ♥


  1. Sometimes the best things come out of unexpected circumstances :-)

    One of my favourite wildflowers! x

  2. prachtig!
    dat diepe blauw en
    een engels boek!
    Land's end
    been there
    loved it

    cheer up dear friend
    with love
    Patrice A.

  3. Change, doubt, accidents
    all part of life
    often difficult to go through
    but usually worth the effort
    of making it to the other side.
    xo Carole

  4. blauw, als deze kleur een lelijke naam had zou ik er nog steeds van houden, maar blauw is een perfecte naam.
    hoe veelzeggend kunnen de kleine dingen zijn op sommige momenten en verandering altijd weer...and yes we do go on, veel liefs, x

  5. beyond doubt: this is a beautiful picture. it's balm for my soul.

  6. Ahhh, that flower was meant to be displayed in a unique setting. The glass was too common for it! And it is so beautiful that no matter where it is put, it is going to 'shine'!

  7. Hello there lovely Woolf ... I'm so horribly behind on your bloggy, blog. But I see since my last visit that there has been much activity of the creative and renovation kind. This flower is so beautiful, and what a timely little nudge she seemingly brought into your life. I love those little messages from the universe. xx

  8. we do indeed

    and what a lovely photographers model she makes.....great foto Nads

    Helen :)

  9. wonderful picture! warm greetings from Paris!

  10. i adore the colour in this shot :)

    1. and underneath cornflower...
      cunning cunningham.
      imagine, land's end.