corner view ≈ sun

august 2012

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  1. Although I can not claim to be religious, I do sometimes wonder who or what created such magnificant beauty. Indeed I do.

  2. Incredble water color paintings this morning on corner view! Of course I know they are not paintings, but real works of art that never cease to amaze me.
    These are incredible shots, Nadine!
    I, as usual, went in a totally different direction. I 'wear' the sun! He He!

  3. Sun has beautiful colors here! (I'm not surprised ;))

    My new blog is here :
    Read you soon?

  4. I love it when the sky changes into a true work of Art, beautiful!

  5. That is one gorgeous Monet sunset!

  6. What a dramatic setter the sun it!

  7. it's like fire !! i love that first photo !! so enchanting.

    ps ... thank you for your comment on my blog ! it made me smile !

  8. beautiful. (but have you noticed how much earlier that is happening these days? I'm trying to ignore it ...)

    1. francesca?
      every night i seem to switch the light a few minutes early. i guess we have winter hour to look forward to, and an 'extra' hour in the evenings. but i can't hardly believe how quickly this new darkness seems to be wanting to settle....

  9. Yes, beautiful, looks like a painting. Nature is such a talented artist!

  10. simple wonderful! And I like the way you arranged the two pic with the lettering.
    You are as talented as the creater of this incredible sky!

  11. the colors are gorgeous :)

  12. Oh, nadine, I just read aaaaall the posts I'd forgotten and forgive me... all this time flying around that I can't manage to catch!
    I'm pleased and glad for you, because the renovation is almost done, isn't it? What a long process I've beeen a distant witness of (along with all your readers). I know it's something important for you and maybe it's kind of a challenge. I congratulate you because you're a strong, will-empowered woman and I notice your pride on your new home in all these words you write.
    I have lots of things to tell you... Like a million! And I hope you are willing to tell me your life too, it's been so long since our last mail, i apologize because I've been so disconnected to this world, so inside the real world, non-stopping.
    I hope and wish everything is going great, that your son and you are feeling good, and I'm on my way to finding time to write for you, and send some words.
    Big kisses my dear!