corner view ≈ countdown

why, yes! we're counting down to september, of course, the fairest month of all, in my opinion. my countdown to september starts in july. and with this morning's cleansing chill around the house, i can but say, september, bring it on! 

in a broader sense we're gently counting down to christmas, too. that countdown usually kicks off in june, when i realize another calender year is halfway through. 
last but not least, we're counting down the the two sisi's adventure. did i tell this would start soon?
how about your own countdowns? jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, nicki's theme.


  1. In this case, I like the idea of countdown ;))

  2. ha!
    looking forward to the woolfenbell-sisi's project
    and like you
    we are counting down to Sinterklaas
    that start's in September
    on the birthday of youngest

    Patrice A.

    ik heb geschreven met Ingrid
    en wij komen samen


  3. I understand your countdown: I love autumn and you can slwly feel that in september. My birthday is in november so that's another countdown;-) And I love your pictures!

  4. Dearest Nadeschda,
    looking forward to YOUR two sisi's project!

    And after Spring I love the Altweibersommer... gossamer, too.

    You on my mind,

  5. Counting down for Christmas? Now?
    Ha, sorry, dear, not yet for me!
    Summer has just even begun! ;o)
    I'm in love with the pictures though!

  6. wowsa, christmas in june? i do know what you mean in a way. at the summer solstice, there is always that moment where winter solstice looms in my mind. very exciting adventure, too, that you're counting down to.

  7. Noooooo! Don't say the C-word!!!! We've had such a cruddy summer I can't bear the thought of winter just yet!

    ...though having said that, my birthday's november too so that's an ok countdown for me (as long as hubs remembers that is!)

  8. oh wow ! so many fun things to be counting down to ! i love that you are already thinking about christmas ! such a fun fun time of the year ....

  9. i made a comment just before but then my computer did something funny and i don't know where it went !

    i said something to the effect of ... wow ! so many things you are counting down to ! and i love that one of them is christmas ! already ! such a fun fun time of year ....

  10. Well with my countdown to school comes the countdown to the Pumpkin Festival---our small town's way of celebrating fall and then Thanksgiving. I usually don't think about Christmas until the first week of December but I'm shopping early this year and hope to make some presents. So I'm keeping a better track/countdown of the days.
    Still exciting about the two sisi's adventure! Still curious.

  11. Wowzer you're doing a lot of counting backwards these days! Lots to look forward to. Happy counting to you, Nadine. xo Carole

  12. I count down to Christmas on December 20 - have I lost sight of the child in me?! :)

  13. I am not a countdown girl...just organizing...but well this year I am counting down to next days is hard and need some days off and house too...will be a house updating and cleaning holiday...

  14. ahhhhh! the suspense is killing me ........bad Woolfie!
    Aahhhhh Christmas....bad Woolfie!

    love the photos tho and the use of the word sissi's.
    Sissi is a word we use a lot in our family we have a lot of 'girl' cousins who call themselves little sissi and big sissi.
    My niece Frances who has turned 5 told me the other day that she wasnt a little sissi anymore that she was now the big sissy to Pearl 2 years old who is the last littlest sissy for a long time.
    I was a little Sissi which one are you Miss Woolf?

    Helen :)

    1. i am kind of in love with the word sisi, since it's multi-meaningful.
      · the friend and i aren't sisters, but we feel we are;
      · sisi was an empress, and we will be playing about with this aspect and emblem from our youth (a young girl's dream forever is to be a bit royal, is it?);
      · a sissy, male converse to tomboy, suits us fine too, bar the gayness. oh well.
      · last but not least, at home, i was the little sissi, but i was never considered as such. puzzling, innit?
      cheers for the info though, and our project will further unroll. in due time, of course.

    2. Hello Wolfie, thanks for your visit to my blog! Visit Eden here and find out all about it: it's an amazing place :-)

      Atwood is one of my favourite writers, she can write in such diverse ways and never fails to be witty and intellectually stimulating too. In contrast, I'm now reading a William Boyd book which is complete tosh...

      I'm intrigued by all this talk of projects.... and have you heard of sissyphobia?! xx

    3. yes. i know of sissyphobia. we're not on about that though...
      we are looking for inspiration in a more regal ambiance.
      stay tuned. all will be revealed.

  15. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease get rid of word verification, it's such a nuisance! I'm starting to think I must be a robot I find them so difficult sometimes...

    1. i understand your plee! completely. but it is there because i do not want spam...
      and i promise... i'm getting spam a-plenty, when no verification is added.
      i agree they are a nuisance, i'm having more and more trouble (or else they're becoming more difficult to decipher?) myself when having to add it.
      i'm afraid word verification is a necessary evil...
      so sorry, chloe.
      btw, cheers for the info!
      really? tosh? boyd? i would not know... ;)))

  16. my children too are counting down to christmas. Have a great weekend!

  17. Why all those countdowns? Does it have something to do wih the renovation process? Will it be finished then?
    I visited the two sissies and saw that map. You can see East Grinstead on the highest part of it. The beachy head of eastbourne, brighton pier, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge.
    I had some of the best days of my life in there. I told you before. I fell in loge with the place and I can't wait to see what's your project about.
    Big kisses my dear!